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Yesterday Holiday World announced the plans for their new ride for 2012. It is going to be a water coaster called the Mammoth. This will be the second water coaster in the park. The first one is the Wildebeest which is an amazing ride but it is less than 2 years old. Here are the stats for each water coaster:

Wildebeest is 1710 ft. long                            Mammoth is 1753 ft. long
Wildebeest is 64 ft. high                                Mammoth is 69 ft. high
Wildebeest drops 38 ft at 45 degrees         Mammoth drops 53 ft. at 45 degrees

While I see the need for another due to the long lines in their water park I feel that it is to soon to build another. While it is my opinon that it was to soon to build another water coaster I have to say I am looking forward to riding it.

I feel the park would have been better off building a steel coaster. I am not saying they need to dump 20 million into a steel coaster but I think Holiday World would be a perfect place for a “Wild Mouse” coaster or something like a “Tony Hawk’s Big Spin”. I would love to see Holiday World get in the coaster race and try and compete with the likes of Cedar Point or Six Flags Magic Mountain but I understand that Holiday World is a family amusement park.

I am not bad mouthing Holiday World (I have been known to do so but I am not in this post). The Wildebeest has been a HUGE success and it appears that what is bringing people into Holiday World is there water park, so I can see the reasoning in building another water attraction. The thing is I feel that they are neglecting their dry park.

I think that next year if the money isn’t right to build a big steel coaster Holiday World should think about a few of my choices for new rides in the list that follows:

  1. Wild Mouse style coaster
  2. Drop Tower
  3. Ferris Wheel
  4. Train that goes around the entire park
  5. Himalaya Ride
  6. Replace the Banshee
  7. S&S swings
  8. Frisbee ride
Now obviously the Koch know how to run an amusement park better than I do, better than a lot of companies that are currently running parks do. I am grateful for everything they do. They bring joy to a lot of people and give use something new to look forward to every year.



Well on Monday I had 2 interviews and I was nervous for both of them. It had been 13 years since my last interview. So I arrive at my first interview and drew a complete blank on who I was there to see, so I told the receptionist that I was there to see the Vice President. Well I had that part right except this company has multiple Vice President, different one for different area. It was ok we found who I was looking for.

The interview seemed to go well and the people I met seemed to be very nice. I didn’t receive a job offer but they said that they were wanting to interview some other candidates which I completely understand. The job would be a bit of a longer drive than I am used to but I don’t think it would be that bad of a drive as long as I am paid enough to cover my increased gas usage. There isn’t really any travel required for the job which is good.

The second interview might have been considered more of a meet and greet. This guy was very nice and I liked what he had to say. We met at a Starbucks and just discussed the different thing s he had worked on and talked about some of my experience. I think this meeting went very well, but I still didn’t get a job offer.

I am very interested in both of these companies, and I can see myself working for either one. If I was to get either job I would be very happy and be able to start saving money again.

Being LAID OFF SUCKS. Well when I hear something or find something to talk or rant about I will post again. Until then stay tuned for more from this unemployed male.

Well, well, well it has been 2 months of being laid off, I hate it, I want it to be over. With that being said let us catch up on everything that has happen.

The day after thanksgiving I got laid off. We were told that when more work came in we would get called back. Then almost out of no where, the company I used to work for split and the part I worked for got bought out. Now I no longer have a job to go back to.

So I now send out a lot of resumes and no one ever calls back, but yet I keep sending them out. I have sent them out to drafting companies and computer tech places, I have even applied at Best Buy. Right now if I can find a job that pays more than unemployment would be good.

I am going back to school for Information Technologies. I like computers I like working on computers.

You see I am not the type that like to sit around, I really want to go back to work, and being laid off this long has really screwed up my sleeping habits.

So today I got a phone call from a friend and he said “The parent company of his company is looking for someone.” and I should send him my resume. So I did and now I hope something good comes out of it. I will keep my spirits up.

Ok if you haven’t been following I got laid off the day after Thanksgiving. Since then I have been sending out resumes and making phone calls, I look for a job for about 2 hours a day it seems that no one is hiring for what I can do. Even with all of this I haven’t had any call backs.

I have seen on the web where some people have been laid off a lot longer than I have been, have sent out more resumes than I have and are still unemployed.

If you watch the news they say the Economy is getting better. Now I would love to see where that is happening because it sure doesn’t seem to be that way in the midwest.

Oh well lets talk about some good stuff.

Today is the start of many new things to come. Today is the first day of school. I decided that since I am laid off I might as well go back to college and try to make myself worth a little more.

Let me fill you in on my past a little bit. I have been working as a Structural Detailer. This is where you take a set of engineering drawings (drawings used to build a building) I would draw all the individual pieces it would take to build that building. I would do this all on computer using various programs, including 3D modeling software. I liked doing this and I did it for almost 13 years. Then the work load just dried up from the lack of people building new buildings.

So even before I got laid off I was going to go back to school and learn a new skill. I am going back for Information Technologies. I love computers, everything from putting them together to making sure they are working properly. I can not say that I am good at it, but I can say that I am willing to be.

Now I am nervous about going back to school, but it will be over soon. I should graduate in a year and half, thanks to already having taken all of my general education classes.

So that is where we are right now. Tomorrow I am going to make some more phone calls in more attempts to find a job. I am not the type that like to sit at home with nothing to do I want a job and I am a good worker.

Until next time stay tuned to hear more from this unemployed male.

Laid Off-Day 2

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Laid off
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Today is the second day I have been laid off.  So what did I do today…

I slept in and when I woke we got ready and then headed out to Dough nut Bank. We ordered a cake for my nephew his birthday party is this weekend. The cake we ordered is a Toy Story 3 cake. He loves Toy Story. I also had a bagel with very berry cream cheese on it.

After that we had breakfast we went to Wal-Mart and bought some Christmas gifts and some groceries. We then head home.

The wife had to work tonight so I gave her a ride to work and then came home. Where I decided to call a couple of friends to see how the industry is doing. It is not looking good out there that is all I can really say about that.

I also did the laundry, I washed 3 loads and folded a lot. I also watched some of the show “Surface” on Netflix. I love me some Netflix.  Also cleaned up the kitchen and swept the living room.

Agenda for tomorrow go by the office and get my final paycheck, go to the bank and stop by the college to get some paper work.

Tune in tomorrow for more from an unemployed man.

Today is the first time in 15 years that I don’t have a job. I have been laid off due to a lack of work. First off let me say this is going to suck! Second I hope I don’t get into my head. Third I am going to have to find some stuff to do to keep me busy.

So the beginning of my story starts now!

I was working for the same company for going on 13 years, they ran out of work so they had to lay people off. Nothing they could about, our customers are out of work so there is no one we can get work from. Really it is just a sign of the time. They say the recession is over, I would have to disagree especially in the Mid-West.

I have already filed for my unemployment which they say can take up to 21 days to start receiving it. What could happen in 21 days? hmm. I can miss my house payment, car insurance, all the credit card bills,  and all the other bills. I can not buy groceries. If something bad could happen it probably will.

While unemployed I have the luxury of looking for a new job that is not going to pay nearly what I made at my old job so there for making things really hard on me and my wife.

I will get to catch up on things around the house, wrap some Christmas gifts and get the house ready for Christmas dinner, maybe work on the book I have been writing, play some video games, and watch a lot of Netflix. I would say hang out with friends but they all still have jobs. I figure that everyday that I don’t work I will write on my blog and keep the world informed I can write about what I do during the day, what our pets do while I am home.

Is this a bad thing to get laid off or a blessing in disguise. That will only be shown with time. I hold no hard feelings towards the company I worked for, I know that if they had the work I would still be there. The problem is that if you don’t build I don’t work.

So stay tuned for more on my “EXCITING” time of being laid off.

Today we took my niece and nephew to Holiday World. It was a great day for it, the weather was great and the kids seem to have a blast.

When we got there we headed straight for Splashin Safari for those that don’t know it is Holiday World’s water park and it is great. The water was chilly but the crowds were minimal. We went to the Wildebeest first, it is their new ride this season. It is the world’s longest water coaster. I wasn’t sure the kids would like it or be scared of it because they have never been to an amusement park before.

So we get there and have to wait maybe 3 minutes.We get on it and the conveyor belt takes us to the top. I tell the kids to hold on tight, I would hate for one of them to fall out. The raft crest the hill and the ride attendant says have fun and here we go. The raft is going through the turns and hills and all I can hear is my nephew making these noises. They weren’t scared noises they were happy noises.

When the ride ends he is telling us how great it was and every little detail about it. So we head off and ride all the water slides that Splashin Safari has to offer. My niece had a scared look on her face a couple of times but when I would look at her she would smile.

When we get done in the water park we head out to Holiday World. The first thing my nephew see is the Hallow Swings and he has to ride them. So we do he like them a lot.

Then we are walking around to ride the Turkey-whirl (tilt-a-whirl) when my nephew sees the Voyage and its 154 foot drop. First thing you should know my nephew is 6 years old and barely tall enough to ride half the rides at Holiday World. He sees it and says I WANNA RIDE THAT. So we go up and measure him and he is tall enough.

We walk through the queue line and we get to sit in the 2nd car. Me and Dyllan in the Front, Angela and Autumn in the rear. The train goes up the lift hill and I look over at Dyllan. He has a big smile on his face and it didn’t leave for the length of the ride. Autumn she had the scared look on her face until she noticed I was looking.

The last ride we enjoyed was the Carousel. Dyllan and I were the only ones to ride it. I haven’t rode one of these in probably 20 years, they haven’t changed much but it was fun to ride it with Dyllan to make that memory that will last a lifetime for both of us.

It was a great day, with many, many, many memories created thanks to Holiday World.