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Yesterday Holiday World announced the plans for their new ride for 2012. It is going to be a water coaster called the Mammoth. This will be the second water coaster in the park. The first one is the Wildebeest which is an amazing ride but it is less than 2 years old. Here are the stats for each water coaster:

Wildebeest is 1710 ft. long                            Mammoth is 1753 ft. long
Wildebeest is 64 ft. high                                Mammoth is 69 ft. high
Wildebeest drops 38 ft at 45 degrees         Mammoth drops 53 ft. at 45 degrees

While I see the need for another due to the long lines in their water park I feel that it is to soon to build another. While it is my opinon that it was to soon to build another water coaster I have to say I am looking forward to riding it.

I feel the park would have been better off building a steel coaster. I am not saying they need to dump 20 million into a steel coaster but I think Holiday World would be a perfect place for a “Wild Mouse” coaster or something like a “Tony Hawk’s Big Spin”. I would love to see Holiday World get in the coaster race and try and compete with the likes of Cedar Point or Six Flags Magic Mountain but I understand that Holiday World is a family amusement park.

I am not bad mouthing Holiday World (I have been known to do so but I am not in this post). The Wildebeest has been a HUGE success and it appears that what is bringing people into Holiday World is there water park, so I can see the reasoning in building another water attraction. The thing is I feel that they are neglecting their dry park.

I think that next year if the money isn’t right to build a big steel coaster Holiday World should think about a few of my choices for new rides in the list that follows:

  1. Wild Mouse style coaster
  2. Drop Tower
  3. Ferris Wheel
  4. Train that goes around the entire park
  5. Himalaya Ride
  6. Replace the Banshee
  7. S&S swings
  8. Frisbee ride
Now obviously the Koch know how to run an amusement park better than I do, better than a lot of companies that are currently running parks do. I am grateful for everything they do. They bring joy to a lot of people and give use something new to look forward to every year.