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Today we took my niece and nephew to Holiday World. It was a great day for it, the weather was great and the kids seem to have a blast.

When we got there we headed straight for Splashin Safari for those that don’t know it is Holiday World’s water park and it is great. The water was chilly but the crowds were minimal. We went to the Wildebeest first, it is their new ride this season. It is the world’s longest water coaster. I wasn’t sure the kids would like it or be scared of it because they have never been to an amusement park before.

So we get there and have to wait maybe 3 minutes.We get on it and the conveyor belt takes us to the top. I tell the kids to hold on tight, I would hate for one of them to fall out. The raft crest the hill and the ride attendant says have fun and here we go. The raft is going through the turns and hills and all I can hear is my nephew making these noises. They weren’t scared noises they were happy noises.

When the ride ends he is telling us how great it was and every little detail about it. So we head off and ride all the water slides that Splashin Safari has to offer. My niece had a scared look on her face a couple of times but when I would look at her she would smile.

When we get done in the water park we head out to Holiday World. The first thing my nephew see is the Hallow Swings and he has to ride them. So we do he like them a lot.

Then we are walking around to ride the Turkey-whirl (tilt-a-whirl) when my nephew sees the Voyage and its 154 foot drop. First thing you should know my nephew is 6 years old and barely tall enough to ride half the rides at Holiday World. He sees it and says I WANNA RIDE THAT. So we go up and measure him and he is tall enough.

We walk through the queue line and we get to sit in the 2nd car. Me and Dyllan in the Front, Angela and Autumn in the rear. The train goes up the lift hill and I look over at Dyllan. He has a big smile on his face and it didn’t leave for the length of the ride. Autumn she had the scared look on her face until she noticed I was looking.

The last ride we enjoyed was the Carousel. Dyllan and I were the only ones to ride it. I haven’t rode one of these in probably 20 years, they haven’t changed much but it was fun to ride it with Dyllan to make that memory that will last a lifetime for both of us.

It was a great day, with many, many, many memories created thanks to Holiday World.


On one of those previously mentioned college visit trips (Click Here) my friend Steve and I drove my mom’s van up there. It was fun I always seemed to have fun with Steve. So we drive up there probably bumping some old school rap. That was the music of choice in High School.

So we get there and we do the lovely tour, this was the third tour for us. There was nothing fun or interesting that happened there. So after we are done there we decide to head to Mt. Carmel which is not to far away from Vincennes if you don’t get lost. We got lost we are driving around and miss are exit. Problem was we never saw are exit. So we kept driving down this highway.

Finally we enter in to this small town, that we are looking for a gas station or anything to get directions when we see a cop. So we drive around the block and pull up next to the cop. I rolled down my window and ask him for directions.

He rolls down his window and yells that I am obstructing his radar. Let it be known that I was the only vehicle on this road. So explain that I am lost and he doesn’t really seem to care, but he gives me directions and we are on our way to Mt. Carmel.

When we arrive in Mt. Carmel we stop by and see my uncle at work, at this time I didn’t know that my aunt and uncle were having problems. We chat with him for a while and find out that my aunt is at home. I decide that we are going to stop by and see her, Steve is ok with it.

So we drive to my aunt’s house, when we arrive Steve and I go up to the door. We knock and no one answers.

We are like ok, so we get back in the van and head to get some lunch. Our original reason for going to Mt. Carmel was that there school had open campus. Open campus is where the students are allowed to leave school property and get lunch elsewhere, whether it be at home or a restaurant.

So we head to a pizza place not only for pizza but high school girls. Problem since we got lost by the time we got to Mt. Carmel lunch was over.

Now you might be thinking what is funny or interesting about this story. Well when I got home my mom is mad, real MAD. I say, “What is wrong, what did I do?”

“Your aunt called, you know what she said”

“No, we went by her house but she wasn’t home”

“Really she says she didn’t answer the door because you 7 guys with you and that you were driving so crazy that the van was on 2 wheels”

I am like, “What? It was me and Steve and no one else.” I have a confused look on my face.

“That is what she said, how can you explain it”

I said, “There is nothing to explain, I didn’t do that.”

“Well this is your aunt ******, she has been known to stretch the truth.”

I say, “Stretch the truth, that is a flat-out lie”

Mom knows when I am lying, I don’t know how or why but I can’t lie to my mom’s face. For some reason I just start laughing. I didn’t do it and didn’t get into any trouble for this. I just think it is funny.

Looking Good

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Story
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I was talking to my mom the other day while typing the “I can’t fly” story and she was bringing up other humorous stories from my past. Some of the stories I had forgotten about some I haven’t gotten around to writing. That brings me to the story for today.

I was raised in a single parent home my mom and dad divorced at very young age. To be completely honest I don’t ever remember them living together. I was probably 12 or 13 years old and was visiting my dad. I went to see him every other weekend and this weekend was going to be a good one. I was at his house and he had just finished fixing my bicycle and Boy was I happy. I was going to spend all waking hours riding around the neighborhood which I had done so many time before.

I get my bike out and ride down the driveway and it is great. So I start down the road everything is going great. It is a beautiful spring day, I am young and when I had my bike I was a free person nothing in the world could stop me.

Down the street there is a man painting his mailbox, he is out enjoying the day also. I am getting closer to him and I have a big smile on my face. All of the sudden the chain falls off of the sprocket, my back tire locks up. I do all that I can not to fall off of the bike. The bike started to lean-to the right and I am going down. This is going to be embarrassing that guy who is painting his mailbox is going to see me. He is going to laugh at me, I know it.

failAs the bike hits the ground I go flying but I never hit the hard concrete. I am surprised it is the first time that I wrecked my bike and it not hurt at least a little. Then I realize why my fall didn’t hurt, I landed on something. What could I have landed on that was soft the only thing around was concrete and the guy paint his mailbox.

It all starts to clear up as someone is helping me up. He is asking me if I am ok. I realize the soft landing I had received was The Man Painting The Mailbox. I ran him over in my attempt not to fall.

I am even more embarrassed now. I took this really nice guy out. He helped me up, and asked, “Are you ok?”

“Yes” I am in shock.

“I will grab your bike for you, are you sure that you are ok?”

“Yeah, I am fine” that was my answer but I was hurting.

He grabbed my bike and handed it back to me, “be careful you could have hurt yourself.”

If he only knew the pain I was in. I said, “I am sorry”

“That is ok”

I grab my bike and push it back to my dad’s house. I learned from that day forward not to let my dad work on my bike. From that day forward every time I passed that man while riding my bike I would wave and he would say, “Looking Good”