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I am still laid off. I HATE IT!!!

Some people live to work and some work to live. I am the type that works to live.  So being laid off is driving me nuts. I used to work at least 40 hours a week.  Then the day after Thanksgiving I got laid off. It is now the end of December and I still am not working. I can’t really afford to go out and buy stuff or go places. So most of the time I sit here in my house and play Video Games, clean or just watch TV.

Don’t get me wrong I am looking for a job, problem is it doesn’t seem that anyone needs my specialties. I am a detailer of structural steel. Which means that I take the design drawings and draw all the pieces it takes to build a building. I have seen listing for jobs in other cities but we can’t afford to move as of right now. We have a house and family here.

I seem to be ranting on in this post but we must continue. I am getting better playing Black Ops. I want to take a vacation. I want to get a job but I can’t afford to take one paying less that I was making. I will continue to look and pray. I send out resumes it seems everyday, I know I will have an interview soon I just have to wait for the call.

For more from this unemployed Man you can read my other post or wait until I post again. Until that time have a Happy New Year and be well.


Charities are low

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I keep hearing on the news that Charities are down. They haven’t been receiving as many donations. I also hear that the unemployment rate keeps going up.

Now it sucks that donations are down, and it sucks that unemployment rates are up. Trust me I am currently unemployed.

Ok the point is with the unemployment being high doesn’t it make sense that donations are down. I love to donate but I haven’t been able to this year because I barely have the money to pay my own bills.

So it is time for an update. I have lost count on how many days it has been.

I am still unemployed and Christmas is 3 days away. By all looks it is not going to be a very good Christmas. We were fortunate enough to have most of the shopping done before I got laid off. So that is a good thing but it is not like most other Christmas’s.

This is supposed to be the happiest time of the year but it is not going to be that way this year.

I am confident that I will have a job in the next 2 months. I am not going to get an interview with in the next 2 weeks because of the holidays, so I have to be patient and I will be.

I have been watching a lot of TV and keeping the house clean. I have also been playing Call Of Duty Black Ops. Good game play the ending is a let down but it was fun and the online play is good. I also caught up on Sons of Anarchy all I can say is you need to watch this show.

Until the next post from this unemployed man I hope you have a merry Christmas.

Today is the first time in 15 years that I don’t have a job. I have been laid off due to a lack of work. First off let me say this is going to suck! Second I hope I don’t get into my head. Third I am going to have to find some stuff to do to keep me busy.

So the beginning of my story starts now!

I was working for the same company for going on 13 years, they ran out of work so they had to lay people off. Nothing they could about, our customers are out of work so there is no one we can get work from. Really it is just a sign of the time. They say the recession is over, I would have to disagree especially in the Mid-West.

I have already filed for my unemployment which they say can take up to 21 days to start receiving it. What could happen in 21 days? hmm. I can miss my house payment, car insurance, all the credit card bills,  and all the other bills. I can not buy groceries. If something bad could happen it probably will.

While unemployed I have the luxury of looking for a new job that is not going to pay nearly what I made at my old job so there for making things really hard on me and my wife.

I will get to catch up on things around the house, wrap some Christmas gifts and get the house ready for Christmas dinner, maybe work on the book I have been writing, play some video games, and watch a lot of Netflix. I would say hang out with friends but they all still have jobs. I figure that everyday that I don’t work I will write on my blog and keep the world informed I can write about what I do during the day, what our pets do while I am home.

Is this a bad thing to get laid off or a blessing in disguise. That will only be shown with time. I hold no hard feelings towards the company I worked for, I know that if they had the work I would still be there. The problem is that if you don’t build I don’t work.

So stay tuned for more on my “EXCITING” time of being laid off.

She’s Gone

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Story
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Today was a sad day. Angela’s aunt and uncle came and took Breezy back home. So tonight is the first night that she will no longer be in our home. They came in got her stuff and took her. They didn’t really give us proper time to say goodbye. Well they probably did but we didn’t want her to go. When they left Angela cried and I wanted too, but I held it together and gave her my shoulder.

It is weird how fast that you can become attached to an animal. It took me a couple hours to get attached. I am sure that it will take a lot longer to get over her.

We will get another puppy someday but it won’t be for awhile. We must first let the pain and mourning reside.

So tonight the frisbee no longer flew, the ball was not returned, and there is no one her to lick my face.

Goodbye to Breezy

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Tomorrow is going to be a sad day. Angela’s aunt called today and said that they are having problems adjusting to not having Breezy there and would like to have her back. We completely understand but we have already became attached and we love her. We have bought stuff for her, not that we care.

They are supposed to come and pick her up tomorrow at 5:30. It is going to take sometime to get used to her not being here anymore. That means no more walking the dog, throwing the frisbee or ball, no more cleaning up her poop (not that I am going to miss that.) I am going to miss her.

It is true that we have only had her for a little over a week, but we were attached to her within the first 2 hours of having her. I understand that giving her away had to be hard on them. It is like loosing a child, but we are going to be sad when she leaves.

Right now she is laying on the couch next to me while I am typing. She has the look on her face that she loves me. I wonder if she knows what is going to happen tomorrow. Will she be happy going back?

It will be a hard day!!!

So as I was telling you in the last post I turned 31 the other day. I received may presents from my wife. We went to dinner with my dad and step mom, and then some of our really great friends. Dinner was a blast just hanging out and talking.

Angela got me a new messenger bag to carry my stuff in, a new golf bag, golf glove, iTunes gift card and stuff to put in my bag. She loves to call my messenger bag a “purse”. It is not a purse it is a MESSENGER Bag. Indiana Jones carried one it was a satchel.

Ok now let us get back on topic. Dinner was at Red Lobster for the all you can eat shrimp. I got my moneys worth, I ate 5 orders of shrimp scampi, and one order of grilled garlic shrimp. It was good, not as good as fresh shrimp but still good.

Saturday we got up, got showered and dressed, then we headed off for St. Louis to the Fox Theatre to see Shrek the Musical. It was fun, the make-up was amazing and we had good seats. I love the Fox

Theatre with all of the woodwork and statues. It has that classic feel that is amazing. That is the 6th or 7th time we have been there.

When we the Play was over I was in contact with Rickie, my friend who was looking after the animals while we were out, he said that the dog doesn’t like him and was scared and pooped all over the place. So instead of going out to dinner which was our original plan we decided it was best to head home to access the situation.

When we got home we had to do some light house cleaning, wash the couch cushion covers, and give the dog a bath. She was better when we got home she calmed down and laid in her bed. She had a rough day.

Sunday we were supposed to go to a Family Reunion for Angela’s family but we didn’t. Angela didn’t feel well and the house was in some dire need of some TLC. So we spent a couple of hours getting some cleaning done. Then to the grocery (where we spent way to much money).

When we got home Angela made some of her nearly Famous Veggie Soup. It was really, really good. Then we tried to watch “Old Dogs”, it wasn’t good.

As a Birthday Weekend I would have to say it was the BEST one yet. Might not sound all that great to you but I loved every minute of it.