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Yesterday Holiday World announced the plans for their new ride for 2012. It is going to be a water coaster called the Mammoth. This will be the second water coaster in the park. The first one is the Wildebeest which is an amazing ride but it is less than 2 years old. Here are the stats for each water coaster:

Wildebeest is 1710 ft. long                            Mammoth is 1753 ft. long
Wildebeest is 64 ft. high                                Mammoth is 69 ft. high
Wildebeest drops 38 ft at 45 degrees         Mammoth drops 53 ft. at 45 degrees

While I see the need for another due to the long lines in their water park I feel that it is to soon to build another. While it is my opinon that it was to soon to build another water coaster I have to say I am looking forward to riding it.

I feel the park would have been better off building a steel coaster. I am not saying they need to dump 20 million into a steel coaster but I think Holiday World would be a perfect place for a “Wild Mouse” coaster or something like a “Tony Hawk’s Big Spin”. I would love to see Holiday World get in the coaster race and try and compete with the likes of Cedar Point or Six Flags Magic Mountain but I understand that Holiday World is a family amusement park.

I am not bad mouthing Holiday World (I have been known to do so but I am not in this post). The Wildebeest has been a HUGE success and it appears that what is bringing people into Holiday World is there water park, so I can see the reasoning in building another water attraction. The thing is I feel that they are neglecting their dry park.

I think that next year if the money isn’t right to build a big steel coaster Holiday World should think about a few of my choices for new rides in the list that follows:

  1. Wild Mouse style coaster
  2. Drop Tower
  3. Ferris Wheel
  4. Train that goes around the entire park
  5. Himalaya Ride
  6. Replace the Banshee
  7. S&S swings
  8. Frisbee ride
Now obviously the Koch know how to run an amusement park better than I do, better than a lot of companies that are currently running parks do. I am grateful for everything they do. They bring joy to a lot of people and give use something new to look forward to every year.



Alright so this weekend the wife and I are headed to our first theme park of the month and year. We will be going to Kings Island which is in Mason, OH which is near Cincinnati, OH. We have been to this park once before together but a couple of times with others before we met.

I can wait to ride some coaster and feel the wind in my hair, I don’t even mind if it is raining I will still ride the coaster. We are going ride the diamondback and the Firehawk. I am really excited. I am considering doing a live blog on the day we are at the park but figure it would have to be done through twitter. When I get home I will give a full report and review of Kings Island.

Ok so today a friend for her birthday wanted to go to the Big Splash Adventure. Which if you read the title you would know that it is a indoor waterpark. Here is their web page if you are curious .

So this place is easily a 90 minute drive. So we get up early then we get ready and pack the needed things i.e. towels, dry clothes, etc. So we are now ready to leave we leave our house and drive to her house and pick her up. Then we are off but first we must stop at the bank to pay the car payment. Then we stop at McDonald’s for some breakfast. On a side note they have really good oatmeal. Now back to the story.

Finally we are on the interstate driving toward a city named French Lick, IN. Weird name but nice small town. They have a casino and an indoor waterpark and hmmmm that is about it. So we are driving down the I-64 doing roughly 75 miles per hour. Yeah I was speeding but only 5 over. When you get to the tell city exit you have to drive on this little 2 lane highway the rest of the way.

We are getting close and the friend whose birthday it was called her boyfriend to see where they are. He answered and said that they were at the casino but were heading out to go to the waterpark.

So when we arrive we go in and are trying to figure out first how things work. Finally I see a line that is probably selling tickets. We

get in the line and stand there for at least 20 minutes. By the time we get to the front of the line we figure out we are in the right line it was amazing. We pay for our tickets and walk into the park.

First thing that crosses is my mind wow this is a lot smaller that I thought it would be. This place is probably the size of a football field. They have 4 water slides adult oriented, a lazy river (more on this later), hot tub, kiddie area, and that is it. It cost 19.50 a person to get into and by the time we arrived there was an estimated 1500 people in the place.

We find the lockers to put our stuff in and notice you have to get a wrist band. So we go back to the same line as the ticket line and wait again. Finally get to the front.

Me,” I would like 2 lockers”

“We just sold out”

“ok so what am I to do with my stuff”

“well you can take it in with you or you can take it back out to your car. We are not responsible for any stolen or

lost items”

So we change into swimming clothes and I take the stuff out to the car. It is 39 degrees outside and I am where a T-shirt and swimming trunks. I am freezing. We go in to the park again and finally start to do things.

First stop the Lazy River. We get in, we get our intertubes, and start to float. The water is warm it feels pretty good. The problem is you can not move once you are in the River. It is packed. You try not to touch someone but you can’t help it. This river is made to just lay on a raft and float around. Why do KIDS insist on getting in there and running around it as fast as they can. It is annoying.

Next we do the slides. At least we did 2 of them the lines were horrible. Then of to the Hot tub to be honest this was the only thing that made this place decent, it is sad. So now everyone is hungry and there is only one place to get food in this place and the line is long. It took one of the guys 30 minutes to get a drink. So we are wet and all of our stuff is in the car. Once again let me remind you that it is 39 degrees outside when we left it was snowing.

We left  got something to eat and went back. You could tell though no-one wanted to return but when you pay that much and drive that far what else you going to do.

The wife and I had almost booked a weekend there, good thing we didn’t, and if we had we would be canceling it.

Not the Pros and cons


  1. Hot tub
  2. free towels


  1. Horrible service
  2. To crowded
  3. don’t know when to tell people we are full ( I am sure there is a maximum number allowed)
  4. Parents not watching kids
  5. Lack of options (no store that sells towels or anything)
  6. Half the arcade game don’t work

Maybe I am being a bit harsh, but this is my opinion.

Today we took my niece and nephew to Holiday World. It was a great day for it, the weather was great and the kids seem to have a blast.

When we got there we headed straight for Splashin Safari for those that don’t know it is Holiday World’s water park and it is great. The water was chilly but the crowds were minimal. We went to the Wildebeest first, it is their new ride this season. It is the world’s longest water coaster. I wasn’t sure the kids would like it or be scared of it because they have never been to an amusement park before.

So we get there and have to wait maybe 3 minutes.We get on it and the conveyor belt takes us to the top. I tell the kids to hold on tight, I would hate for one of them to fall out. The raft crest the hill and the ride attendant says have fun and here we go. The raft is going through the turns and hills and all I can hear is my nephew making these noises. They weren’t scared noises they were happy noises.

When the ride ends he is telling us how great it was and every little detail about it. So we head off and ride all the water slides that Splashin Safari has to offer. My niece had a scared look on her face a couple of times but when I would look at her she would smile.

When we get done in the water park we head out to Holiday World. The first thing my nephew see is the Hallow Swings and he has to ride them. So we do he like them a lot.

Then we are walking around to ride the Turkey-whirl (tilt-a-whirl) when my nephew sees the Voyage and its 154 foot drop. First thing you should know my nephew is 6 years old and barely tall enough to ride half the rides at Holiday World. He sees it and says I WANNA RIDE THAT. So we go up and measure him and he is tall enough.

We walk through the queue line and we get to sit in the 2nd car. Me and Dyllan in the Front, Angela and Autumn in the rear. The train goes up the lift hill and I look over at Dyllan. He has a big smile on his face and it didn’t leave for the length of the ride. Autumn she had the scared look on her face until she noticed I was looking.

The last ride we enjoyed was the Carousel. Dyllan and I were the only ones to ride it. I haven’t rode one of these in probably 20 years, they haven’t changed much but it was fun to ride it with Dyllan to make that memory that will last a lifetime for both of us.

It was a great day, with many, many, many memories created thanks to Holiday World.

Tomorrow I am taking my niece and nephew to Holiday World f0r their first ever trip. This makes me think back to when I was younger and my first trips their but it wasn’t Holiday World at that time. It was still known by Santa Clause Land.

I can still remember riding the Firecracker, it was a little steel coaster that felt as if it would fall of the track at every corner. I loved that coaster and when they removed it I was sad.

I remember sitting on Santa’s lap. I remember telling him what I wanted for Christmas. I would do it tomorrow if my wife would let me.

I also remember that everytime we would go I would have to get a bull whip from the toy store that is now the Banquet Center. I would keep that thing for months thinking I was Indiana Jones.

Holiday World has come so far since I was a child. A lot of the rides I loved as a child are gone or reworked. The banshee has been replaced by the Hallow Swings, the Louis and Clark cars track has been shortened.

Like they say, you must change to improve. I am happy that Holiday World is growing.

I am so excited about our next trip and seeing my niece and nephew faces when they ride the rides and the slides.

Holiday World

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First off let me say that I  love Holiday World. With that said  I am disappointed in Holiday World also.

A little history first.

Holiday World is a amusement park located in Southern Indiana in the small town of Santa Clause, IN. That is not a joke that is the name of the city. It was opened in the 1946.  That is just a little history very little. if you want more.

As the popularity of the park grows so do the number of guest that come to visit. Which is a good thing and Holiday World has a good thing going where they try to add a new major attraction every year. They have decent rides also, you have 3 great coaster (Voyage, Raven and The Legend), you have the staple rides of any park scrambler, tilt-a-whirl, carousel, bumper cars, white water rafting ride, log flume, spider ride, antique cars, tower ride and swings.

Holiday World also has Splashin’ Safari which is a great water park. I do not have any complaints about the water park I think it is GREAT.

My disappointment is that the number of guest goes up but they are not really adding any other rides to accommodate. I am not talking major rides like a coaster or anything. I just think they need to add some other rides that are suited for adults. If I am correct I believe Cedar Point has more coasters than Holiday World  has rides that don’t include the water park. Holiday World has more water slides in there water park than they have more rides for adults.

I would like to see some additional rides added and also when it is the 2nd busiest day of the season you should probably run more than one train on your coasters.

Now don’t get me wrong I love Holiday World and it is really great place to visit. In fact I am going to be going back really soon.

Below is a Picture of my cousin and I at Holiday World taken August 8, 2009.