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Switching Jobs

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Story
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About a month ago I turned in my letter of resignation in and it feels as if the days have been dragging on since then. Now I am in the last remaining days of this job before I move on to the next chapter of my career and life. I feel like the Bob Seger song “Turn the Page”. I have be working at this job for 2 years and a month, it has been a good place to work and I am very appreciative of everything that they have did for me. I feel that my time has been worthwhile for them also. Now I am moving on and I am excited about the new company and my future.

While it wasn’t a hard decision to leave this place but I think that I made it a lot harder on myself than it should have been. I did what I think a lot of people do when considering a new job. I ran through all of the Pros and Cons, talked with family and friends and researched the internet. I wanted to make sure that I left on good terms so I gave a months’ notice, looking back on that I now would have only given 2 weeks’ notice. But like they say hindsight is 20/20.

I decided to give such a long notice because I wanted to give them time to find someone that would be able to replace me and train them a little before I left. Now I am down to having 4 days left and they still haven’t interviewed anyone. That kind of makes me upset but if you think about it, they are only hurting themselves. I was willing to train someone but I guess they didn’t want that to happen. Which is ok because it has made my time since giving the notice feel like every other day, I come in, I work, I go home.

I will miss everyone that I currently work with, some more than others but that is normal.

Things that I have learned about switching jobs:

1.       Be honest with yourself
2.       Be discreet when looking. (don’t look for a job on company time)
3.       Don’t inform your boss that you have an offer until you are for sure you are going to take it.)
4.       If your current employer counters you need to look at things carefully. (if they match the other company think about how at the new company that their offer is a starting point, how long did it take you to get that money with the current employer.)
5.       Who has the better perks (what is going to make it easier for you to retire someday)
6.       Working environment (while you may be comfortable where you are, do you think the new place will be the same after time)
7.       Future training available to you (with each company)
8.       Do you like what you are currently doing
9.       Do you feel that you are being challenged or do you want to be challenged
10.   Don’t be afraid to negotiate

I am going to post everyday until I start the new job, then I will try and post while there to but the first little bit could be a little hectic we will see

Romantic Dinner

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Story
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 One day I decided I wanted to plan a romantic dinner for my wife and myself. So the first thing I had to do was find a way to get her out of the house. First thing you need to understand is my wife doesn’t drive not that she doesn’t know how. We only have one car since I totaled hers a while ago, but that is a story for another time. The car we have is a 5 speed manual shift and she can drive a stick.

So when I want to do something romantic I have to have someone help me out. We have this friend who is a great friend and always tries to help us out. She is one of those friends everyone should have. So me and this friend we will call Emily (because that is her name) start emailing each other trying to set up the plan. We finally get the details of day and time worked out so she calls Angela and tells her that she wants to pick her up go for a walk with the dog. Angela agrees. Emily is going to pick Angela up around 4:30 on Friday.

On Wednesday Angela and I go to the grocery store and I am buying the ingredients I need. I buy some ground beef, spaghetti noodles, Italian bread, spaghetti sauce and so on. So we take the groceries home and put them away. She has no clue what is planned which is just the way I wanted it, she thought were just going to have spaghetti on night.

Friday comes around and I get home from work and Angela is at home, she doesn’t work on Fridays. She “REMINDS” me Emily is coming over and they are going to go out for a bit. I wine a little bit and ask her what I am supposed to do while she is gone.

Emily arrives. She and Angela leave heading for the park.

It is on now time to cook. I wait a couple of minutes to make sure they didn’t forget anything. Then I start getting everything out. I start cooking, while also preparing the table and all. We got new dishes for a wedding gift, so I get them out and wash them.  I put a table cloth on the Kitchen table get some candles out, and set the table. Let’s just say it look NICE!

I get the salad going cutting up veggies, put them in bowls and place them in the fridge until it is time. I finish the spaghetti. Now all I need is for Angela to be there. So I send Emily a message saying I am ready.

When Angela arrives she walks in and says “You’re not getting lucky.” Then she noticed the dinner I made for her. I walked her to the table and she sat down.

“How did you know when Emily was going to bring me home?” and “How did you know Emily wasn’t going to come in the house with me?”

I told her Emily was in on it, but it took awhile for her to grasp what I was saying. I think I surprised her that much. I then started serving the meal. It tasted really good. We ate and talked and just had a really good time. I love doing little things like this for her. I love attempting to spoil her because she deserves it.

She told me about the funny things Emily was saying while they were out. She said Emily kept saying things like “Are you hungry? I’m not I already ate.” Then she asked if she would like to go to the book store Angela was like yeah so they took the dog home and then Emily was like I am tired I am just going to take you home, because she got my text.

I tried this again a couple of weeks later, with different food. It didn’t turn out as surprising to her. I think she knew the whole time what was going on. Now she is looking for the flaws in the stories. I am going to have to find a new way to surprise her.

My man card

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Story
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So yesterday I was told that my man card was being revoked by 2 separate people. This is all because I went to a Lady Gaga concert.

My wife and I bought 3 tickets to her concert one for my wife, one for me, and one for a friend. So my wife and her friend go out and buy special outfits just for this concert. The day of the concert my wife is puking and running a 101 degree temperature and her friends daughter just got out of the hospital. So now we have 3 tickets to this concert, a concert I didn’t even want to go to.

So I start calling everyone I know trying to find some people to go see Gaga with me. I find my step brother and my wides other friend. So we head out and drive to Louisville, KY.

We get there and I am amazed at the costumes that the people are wearing. It was cool, and something I didn’t really expect. I also didn’t expect to see protesting but they were there.

So we make it into the newly opened KFC Yum Center and find our seats. They weren’t close but not bad seats. The first band comes out on stage and I am a little confused the lead singer is wearing a leather jacket, leather chaps, and a leather thong. That was a little much for me. This band was called the Scissor Sisters and by the end of their set I figured out that I liked their music.

Then the girls behind us spilled a beer down one of my friends back. She turned around and told the girl she spilt the drink and the drunk girl decided tom argue and say she didn’t do it. Yet she was the only one drinking.

When Lady Gaga came out the place went nuts. I am not the biggest fan of her music but I have a lot more respect for her and her music now. She dances a lot and she does not lip sing.

I have seen a lot of different acts perform and I would say that this Lady Gaga Concert was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I would say that it is in the top 3 concerts and I have seen bands like Metallica, Linkin Park, Manson, Snoop Dogg, Ozzy Ozbourne, Korn, and so on.

Mall Shopping

Posted: November 10, 2010 in rant, Story
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Well the other day, it was actually like a month ago,  I was at the mall with my wife, she is in a store as I sit in one of the comfy chairs in the midway. While sitting here I start to think they should make malls more like amusement parks. I don’t need the rides but we could use some midway games. You know the games like the one where you use the big mallet to hit the thing and ring the bell, the kind of games you see at amusement parks. See this is our mall it already has a ride now add some games make it more enjoyable.

Oh well it won’t happen and that wasn’t even the original reason for this post. I was going to vent about the people who bring their children to the mall. Especially when the child starts to cry and the parent does nothing. They just let them cry as if nothing is going on or ruining your once happy shopping experience.

I was in a store one of those stores that is suited for adults, the ones that sell funny adults toys for bachelorette parties and beer stuff. When this lovely couple with 2 kids come in, first you should have to be 18 to enter but that is my opinion. They come in with their kids that when entering are quite as soon as they cross the threshold these kids start screaming and crying. What do these parents do?

They just continue shopping and ignoring the children. Because we all know if you ignore it, it will go away. Makes me angry.

Better yet this particular mall puts a child play area Right by this adult theme store. What are teaching the children of the future. I understand that it is up to the parents to watch their kids but come on have you seen a lot of the kids today. As you here a lot of people say you need a license to drive, catch a fish, fly a plane, hunt but anyone can have a baby.

This maybe one of those posts that just doesn’t get posted unless I just get angry and hit send.

She’s Gone

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Story
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Today was a sad day. Angela’s aunt and uncle came and took Breezy back home. So tonight is the first night that she will no longer be in our home. They came in got her stuff and took her. They didn’t really give us proper time to say goodbye. Well they probably did but we didn’t want her to go. When they left Angela cried and I wanted too, but I held it together and gave her my shoulder.

It is weird how fast that you can become attached to an animal. It took me a couple hours to get attached. I am sure that it will take a lot longer to get over her.

We will get another puppy someday but it won’t be for awhile. We must first let the pain and mourning reside.

So tonight the frisbee no longer flew, the ball was not returned, and there is no one her to lick my face.

Goodbye to Breezy

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Story
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Tomorrow is going to be a sad day. Angela’s aunt called today and said that they are having problems adjusting to not having Breezy there and would like to have her back. We completely understand but we have already became attached and we love her. We have bought stuff for her, not that we care.

They are supposed to come and pick her up tomorrow at 5:30. It is going to take sometime to get used to her not being here anymore. That means no more walking the dog, throwing the frisbee or ball, no more cleaning up her poop (not that I am going to miss that.) I am going to miss her.

It is true that we have only had her for a little over a week, but we were attached to her within the first 2 hours of having her. I understand that giving her away had to be hard on them. It is like loosing a child, but we are going to be sad when she leaves.

Right now she is laying on the couch next to me while I am typing. She has the look on her face that she loves me. I wonder if she knows what is going to happen tomorrow. Will she be happy going back?

It will be a hard day!!!

So as I was telling you in the last post I turned 31 the other day. I received may presents from my wife. We went to dinner with my dad and step mom, and then some of our really great friends. Dinner was a blast just hanging out and talking.

Angela got me a new messenger bag to carry my stuff in, a new golf bag, golf glove, iTunes gift card and stuff to put in my bag. She loves to call my messenger bag a “purse”. It is not a purse it is a MESSENGER Bag. Indiana Jones carried one it was a satchel.

Ok now let us get back on topic. Dinner was at Red Lobster for the all you can eat shrimp. I got my moneys worth, I ate 5 orders of shrimp scampi, and one order of grilled garlic shrimp. It was good, not as good as fresh shrimp but still good.

Saturday we got up, got showered and dressed, then we headed off for St. Louis to the Fox Theatre to see Shrek the Musical. It was fun, the make-up was amazing and we had good seats. I love the Fox

Theatre with all of the woodwork and statues. It has that classic feel that is amazing. That is the 6th or 7th time we have been there.

When we the Play was over I was in contact with Rickie, my friend who was looking after the animals while we were out, he said that the dog doesn’t like him and was scared and pooped all over the place. So instead of going out to dinner which was our original plan we decided it was best to head home to access the situation.

When we got home we had to do some light house cleaning, wash the couch cushion covers, and give the dog a bath. She was better when we got home she calmed down and laid in her bed. She had a rough day.

Sunday we were supposed to go to a Family Reunion for Angela’s family but we didn’t. Angela didn’t feel well and the house was in some dire need of some TLC. So we spent a couple of hours getting some cleaning done. Then to the grocery (where we spent way to much money).

When we got home Angela made some of her nearly Famous Veggie Soup. It was really, really good. Then we tried to watch “Old Dogs”, it wasn’t good.

As a Birthday Weekend I would have to say it was the BEST one yet. Might not sound all that great to you but I loved every minute of it.