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Ok so today a friend for her birthday wanted to go to the Big Splash Adventure. Which if you read the title you would know that it is a indoor waterpark. Here is their web page if you are curious .

So this place is easily a 90 minute drive. So we get up early then we get ready and pack the needed things i.e. towels, dry clothes, etc. So we are now ready to leave we leave our house and drive to her house and pick her up. Then we are off but first we must stop at the bank to pay the car payment. Then we stop at McDonald’s for some breakfast. On a side note they have really good oatmeal. Now back to the story.

Finally we are on the interstate driving toward a city named French Lick, IN. Weird name but nice small town. They have a casino and an indoor waterpark and hmmmm that is about it. So we are driving down the I-64 doing roughly 75 miles per hour. Yeah I was speeding but only 5 over. When you get to the tell city exit you have to drive on this little 2 lane highway the rest of the way.

We are getting close and the friend whose birthday it was called her boyfriend to see where they are. He answered and said that they were at the casino but were heading out to go to the waterpark.

So when we arrive we go in and are trying to figure out first how things work. Finally I see a line that is probably selling tickets. We

get in the line and stand there for at least 20 minutes. By the time we get to the front of the line we figure out we are in the right line it was amazing. We pay for our tickets and walk into the park.

First thing that crosses is my mind wow this is a lot smaller that I thought it would be. This place is probably the size of a football field. They have 4 water slides adult oriented, a lazy river (more on this later), hot tub, kiddie area, and that is it. It cost 19.50 a person to get into and by the time we arrived there was an estimated 1500 people in the place.

We find the lockers to put our stuff in and notice you have to get a wrist band. So we go back to the same line as the ticket line and wait again. Finally get to the front.

Me,” I would like 2 lockers”

“We just sold out”

“ok so what am I to do with my stuff”

“well you can take it in with you or you can take it back out to your car. We are not responsible for any stolen or

lost items”

So we change into swimming clothes and I take the stuff out to the car. It is 39 degrees outside and I am where a T-shirt and swimming trunks. I am freezing. We go in to the park again and finally start to do things.

First stop the Lazy River. We get in, we get our intertubes, and start to float. The water is warm it feels pretty good. The problem is you can not move once you are in the River. It is packed. You try not to touch someone but you can’t help it. This river is made to just lay on a raft and float around. Why do KIDS insist on getting in there and running around it as fast as they can. It is annoying.

Next we do the slides. At least we did 2 of them the lines were horrible. Then of to the Hot tub to be honest this was the only thing that made this place decent, it is sad. So now everyone is hungry and there is only one place to get food in this place and the line is long. It took one of the guys 30 minutes to get a drink. So we are wet and all of our stuff is in the car. Once again let me remind you that it is 39 degrees outside when we left it was snowing.

We left  got something to eat and went back. You could tell though no-one wanted to return but when you pay that much and drive that far what else you going to do.

The wife and I had almost booked a weekend there, good thing we didn’t, and if we had we would be canceling it.

Not the Pros and cons


  1. Hot tub
  2. free towels


  1. Horrible service
  2. To crowded
  3. don’t know when to tell people we are full ( I am sure there is a maximum number allowed)
  4. Parents not watching kids
  5. Lack of options (no store that sells towels or anything)
  6. Half the arcade game don’t work

Maybe I am being a bit harsh, but this is my opinion.


Yesterday my wife and I went to the AT&T store, I was going to upgrade to an iPhone 4 and my wife was wanting to get a Samsung Strive. It was a no brainer, we pay the money and we leave or at least that is what we thought, boy was I far off.

We first walk in the store and we are asked what my name is and what are we here for, I tell her. She says that the next associate will help us. So we walk around and look at the phones they have in the store. Side note I remember going into the AT&T store a couple years ago and they had like 15 free phones, that has changed. So we are looking at phones and she finds the one she wants.

About 45 minutes go by and we finally get to talk to someone about up grading  our phones, I tell the guy that I am wanting to get the iPhone 4 and my wife wants the Samsung Strive. He says no problem let me go and grab the phones. He comes back and get the iPhone setup and hands it to me.

Then he says that with the Samsung strive we are going to have to change your plan. “What” I said

“We now require any phone that has a full keyboard to have a unlimited messaging plan”


“That is what AT&T requires now”

“Well we will just do the iPhone for now then” and we pay the guy and leave.

First my wife uses maybe 100 messages a month and we have $5 for 200 messaging plan.

So today I call the customer service and ask the lady on the phone about this, she says, “To my knowledge as long as you have a messaging plan you should be ok. Do you mind if I put you on hold so that I can check?”

She puts me on hold and comes back, “I am sorry but after Jan 28 any phone that has a full keyboard on it has to have a unlimited plan.”

I tell her that my wife uses 100 messages a month I am not going to pay for an unlimited messaging plan.

“Well sir you can always get a phone that doesn’t have the full keyboard.”

I am getting mad now, as June 1st our contract is up with AT&T. So I let her know that. I said, “So I have 30 days to return the phone I just got right”


“Well I guess that I will be returning this phone and switching to a service that cares about there customers”

Now I have been with AT&T, Cingular, and Bell South whatever you want to call them since 1996 or 1997 but they don’t care about that.

I will soon be with another client AT&T can’t keep me there anymore I can now get an iPhone 4 from Verizon.

So remember if you want a phone that has a full keyboard from AT&T you will have to pay for unlimited messaging, if you want a “Smartphone” you have to pay for a data plan. How I long for the days that you could get any phone you wanted and just pay for the options you wanted.

Hell maybe we should just do prepaid.

I am still laid off. I HATE IT!!!

Some people live to work and some work to live. I am the type that works to live.  So being laid off is driving me nuts. I used to work at least 40 hours a week.  Then the day after Thanksgiving I got laid off. It is now the end of December and I still am not working. I can’t really afford to go out and buy stuff or go places. So most of the time I sit here in my house and play Video Games, clean or just watch TV.

Don’t get me wrong I am looking for a job, problem is it doesn’t seem that anyone needs my specialties. I am a detailer of structural steel. Which means that I take the design drawings and draw all the pieces it takes to build a building. I have seen listing for jobs in other cities but we can’t afford to move as of right now. We have a house and family here.

I seem to be ranting on in this post but we must continue. I am getting better playing Black Ops. I want to take a vacation. I want to get a job but I can’t afford to take one paying less that I was making. I will continue to look and pray. I send out resumes it seems everyday, I know I will have an interview soon I just have to wait for the call.

For more from this unemployed Man you can read my other post or wait until I post again. Until that time have a Happy New Year and be well.

Mall Shopping

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Well the other day, it was actually like a month ago,  I was at the mall with my wife, she is in a store as I sit in one of the comfy chairs in the midway. While sitting here I start to think they should make malls more like amusement parks. I don’t need the rides but we could use some midway games. You know the games like the one where you use the big mallet to hit the thing and ring the bell, the kind of games you see at amusement parks. See this is our mall it already has a ride now add some games make it more enjoyable.

Oh well it won’t happen and that wasn’t even the original reason for this post. I was going to vent about the people who bring their children to the mall. Especially when the child starts to cry and the parent does nothing. They just let them cry as if nothing is going on or ruining your once happy shopping experience.

I was in a store one of those stores that is suited for adults, the ones that sell funny adults toys for bachelorette parties and beer stuff. When this lovely couple with 2 kids come in, first you should have to be 18 to enter but that is my opinion. They come in with their kids that when entering are quite as soon as they cross the threshold these kids start screaming and crying. What do these parents do?

They just continue shopping and ignoring the children. Because we all know if you ignore it, it will go away. Makes me angry.

Better yet this particular mall puts a child play area Right by this adult theme store. What are teaching the children of the future. I understand that it is up to the parents to watch their kids but come on have you seen a lot of the kids today. As you here a lot of people say you need a license to drive, catch a fish, fly a plane, hunt but anyone can have a baby.

This maybe one of those posts that just doesn’t get posted unless I just get angry and hit send.