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Switching Jobs

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Story
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About a month ago I turned in my letter of resignation in and it feels as if the days have been dragging on since then. Now I am in the last remaining days of this job before I move on to the next chapter of my career and life. I feel like the Bob Seger song “Turn the Page”. I have be working at this job for 2 years and a month, it has been a good place to work and I am very appreciative of everything that they have did for me. I feel that my time has been worthwhile for them also. Now I am moving on and I am excited about the new company and my future.

While it wasn’t a hard decision to leave this place but I think that I made it a lot harder on myself than it should have been. I did what I think a lot of people do when considering a new job. I ran through all of the Pros and Cons, talked with family and friends and researched the internet. I wanted to make sure that I left on good terms so I gave a months’ notice, looking back on that I now would have only given 2 weeks’ notice. But like they say hindsight is 20/20.

I decided to give such a long notice because I wanted to give them time to find someone that would be able to replace me and train them a little before I left. Now I am down to having 4 days left and they still haven’t interviewed anyone. That kind of makes me upset but if you think about it, they are only hurting themselves. I was willing to train someone but I guess they didn’t want that to happen. Which is ok because it has made my time since giving the notice feel like every other day, I come in, I work, I go home.

I will miss everyone that I currently work with, some more than others but that is normal.

Things that I have learned about switching jobs:

1.       Be honest with yourself
2.       Be discreet when looking. (don’t look for a job on company time)
3.       Don’t inform your boss that you have an offer until you are for sure you are going to take it.)
4.       If your current employer counters you need to look at things carefully. (if they match the other company think about how at the new company that their offer is a starting point, how long did it take you to get that money with the current employer.)
5.       Who has the better perks (what is going to make it easier for you to retire someday)
6.       Working environment (while you may be comfortable where you are, do you think the new place will be the same after time)
7.       Future training available to you (with each company)
8.       Do you like what you are currently doing
9.       Do you feel that you are being challenged or do you want to be challenged
10.   Don’t be afraid to negotiate

I am going to post everyday until I start the new job, then I will try and post while there to but the first little bit could be a little hectic we will see