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Posted: May 20, 2011 in Theme Parks
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Just to inform everyone there will be to BLOGs coming up that are all about my trips to theme parks. One from Kings Island and the other from Indiana Beach. I will tell how both trips went, the rides we rode, what we did and the fun we had.
I am looking forward to writing these, as do I look forward to visiting Indiana Beach. We already had are visit to Kings island. It was fun that is all I am saying for now.

See everyone soon with pictures of the fun


Alright so this weekend the wife and I are headed to our first theme park of the month and year. We will be going to Kings Island which is in Mason, OH which is near Cincinnati, OH. We have been to this park once before together but a couple of times with others before we met.

I can wait to ride some coaster and feel the wind in my hair, I don’t even mind if it is raining I will still ride the coaster. We are going ride the diamondback and the Firehawk. I am really excited. I am considering doing a live blog on the day we are at the park but figure it would have to be done through twitter. When I get home I will give a full report and review of Kings Island.