Losing customers based on At&T method

Posted: February 6, 2011 in rant
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Yesterday my wife and I went to the AT&T store, I was going to upgrade to an iPhone 4 and my wife was wanting to get a Samsung Strive. It was a no brainer, we pay the money and we leave or at least that is what we thought, boy was I far off.

We first walk in the store and we are asked what my name is and what are we here for, I tell her. She says that the next associate will help us. So we walk around and look at the phones they have in the store. Side note I remember going into the AT&T store a couple years ago and they had like 15 free phones, that has changed. So we are looking at phones and she finds the one she wants.

About 45 minutes go by and we finally get to talk to someone about up grading  our phones, I tell the guy that I am wanting to get the iPhone 4 and my wife wants the Samsung Strive. He says no problem let me go and grab the phones. He comes back and get the iPhone setup and hands it to me.

Then he says that with the Samsung strive we are going to have to change your plan. “What” I said

“We now require any phone that has a full keyboard to have a unlimited messaging plan”


“That is what AT&T requires now”

“Well we will just do the iPhone for now then” and we pay the guy and leave.

First my wife uses maybe 100 messages a month and we have $5 for 200 messaging plan.

So today I call the customer service and ask the lady on the phone about this, she says, “To my knowledge as long as you have a messaging plan you should be ok. Do you mind if I put you on hold so that I can check?”

She puts me on hold and comes back, “I am sorry but after Jan 28 any phone that has a full keyboard on it has to have a unlimited plan.”

I tell her that my wife uses 100 messages a month I am not going to pay for an unlimited messaging plan.

“Well sir you can always get a phone that doesn’t have the full keyboard.”

I am getting mad now, as June 1st our contract is up with AT&T. So I let her know that. I said, “So I have 30 days to return the phone I just got right”


“Well I guess that I will be returning this phone and switching to a service that cares about there customers”

Now I have been with AT&T, Cingular, and Bell South whatever you want to call them since 1996 or 1997 but they don’t care about that.

I will soon be with another client AT&T can’t keep me there anymore I can now get an iPhone 4 from Verizon.

So remember if you want a phone that has a full keyboard from AT&T you will have to pay for unlimited messaging, if you want a “Smartphone” you have to pay for a data plan. How I long for the days that you could get any phone you wanted and just pay for the options you wanted.

Hell maybe we should just do prepaid.


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