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So I kinda knew this was going to happen. I decided to take a job and I start on Monday then today I get a phone call from another company, this is the original company I applied to when I got laid off.

I told the man who called that I have already taken a job and I start Monday. He responded with asking me some questions and then told me that if I don’t like the job to give him a call and he would set-up an interview.

They say when it rains it pours. This usually happens when it is a bad thing, but for this time it is happening with a good thing.

So for my last day off of work, I am going to sit here and watch Californication, I am going to go dinner with my cousin and his wife, then after that I don’t really know since my wife has plans tonight with a friends.


Well this unemployed male has some news great news. After being laid off the day after thanksgiving I am now going back to work. I found a job isn’t that GREAT!!!!

So this job is not with the company I was with but is a company that does similar stuff but it is different. I am still happy.

I got the job offer the other day and then had to do some negotiating but we agreed on some stuff. Some stuff I don’t believe they could really change so I didn’t even try to.

So a little about the new job. I am still going to be drafting and using one of the programs I have used before. The drive is longer could be 3 times as long as my old commute. The old one was roughly 8 minutes. So the commute really not that bad. The hours are longer but there is a guarantee of overtime every week. That is nice.

Taxes are going to suck since the company is in another state but I pay someone to do taxes anyway so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

This will also help me get out of the house, since being laid off I haven’t really left the house don’t get me wrong I left the house but not often. I would take my wife to work and pick her up, go to the grocery and that is about it. I am so ready to go back to work.

Well I guess the next post won’t be from an unemployed male…

So if you have been reading my blog by now you know that I am laid off, I have had a total of 3 interviews which I know that I am extremely lucky.

Yesterday was my phone interview for an IT Tech position, I had never had one of those before and it was a little wierd. I got the phone call at 11:00 and went into our bedroom so I could concentrate. I talked to them and they sounded nice.

Here are the questions I was asked:

  1. Tell us a little about yourself
  2. Why did you leave your old job/why are you wanting to leave?
  3. What are your qualifications?
  4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  5. What kind of company would you like to work for?
  6. What do you know about our company?
  7. What do you look for in a manager/boss?
  8. What is you greatest strength and weakness?
  9. What is your pet peeves?
  10. How well do you handle pressure and stress?

The 9th question that was a weird one, I have never been asked that before and it was hard to answer. I answered it as best I could though. I said ” I guess my pet peeves would be hard headed people and people who just don’t care” Now I am not sure if that is a good answer but that is wh

at they got.

Now I have to wait to see if I made it through round one of their interview.

So that is where I am right now, I would love to hear back from one of the companies that I have interviewed with. Whether it be to tell me that they have found someone else or that they are still deciding. That way I don’t keep my hopes up.

Well if you want to know more about me or my job searches read the previous blogs.

Stay tuned for more from this unemployed male of the midwest.

I don’t even know if anyone is reading this or if I am just sending this out there.

Well I am still laid off but I feel lucky I have another interview, I know that I am lucky because I have my third interview when some people can not get one.
The interview I have is for a IT tech. I am currently going to school for Information Technologies so this job is in the career field I am working on. For the past 13 years I have been making a living being a Structural Detailer, a draftsman who draws structural steel details used for erecting buildings.
I am trying to change my profession to something I love, I love computers and anything gadget oriented. I like drafting and if I can find a job doing I will take it also.
So that is my update for the day, stay tuned for more from this unemployed male.

Yesterday my wife and I went to the AT&T store, I was going to upgrade to an iPhone 4 and my wife was wanting to get a Samsung Strive. It was a no brainer, we pay the money and we leave or at least that is what we thought, boy was I far off.

We first walk in the store and we are asked what my name is and what are we here for, I tell her. She says that the next associate will help us. So we walk around and look at the phones they have in the store. Side note I remember going into the AT&T store a couple years ago and they had like 15 free phones, that has changed. So we are looking at phones and she finds the one she wants.

About 45 minutes go by and we finally get to talk to someone about up grading  our phones, I tell the guy that I am wanting to get the iPhone 4 and my wife wants the Samsung Strive. He says no problem let me go and grab the phones. He comes back and get the iPhone setup and hands it to me.

Then he says that with the Samsung strive we are going to have to change your plan. “What” I said

“We now require any phone that has a full keyboard to have a unlimited messaging plan”


“That is what AT&T requires now”

“Well we will just do the iPhone for now then” and we pay the guy and leave.

First my wife uses maybe 100 messages a month and we have $5 for 200 messaging plan.

So today I call the customer service and ask the lady on the phone about this, she says, “To my knowledge as long as you have a messaging plan you should be ok. Do you mind if I put you on hold so that I can check?”

She puts me on hold and comes back, “I am sorry but after Jan 28 any phone that has a full keyboard on it has to have a unlimited plan.”

I tell her that my wife uses 100 messages a month I am not going to pay for an unlimited messaging plan.

“Well sir you can always get a phone that doesn’t have the full keyboard.”

I am getting mad now, as June 1st our contract is up with AT&T. So I let her know that. I said, “So I have 30 days to return the phone I just got right”


“Well I guess that I will be returning this phone and switching to a service that cares about there customers”

Now I have been with AT&T, Cingular, and Bell South whatever you want to call them since 1996 or 1997 but they don’t care about that.

I will soon be with another client AT&T can’t keep me there anymore I can now get an iPhone 4 from Verizon.

So remember if you want a phone that has a full keyboard from AT&T you will have to pay for unlimited messaging, if you want a “Smartphone” you have to pay for a data plan. How I long for the days that you could get any phone you wanted and just pay for the options you wanted.

Hell maybe we should just do prepaid.

Well on Monday I had 2 interviews and I was nervous for both of them. It had been 13 years since my last interview. So I arrive at my first interview and drew a complete blank on who I was there to see, so I told the receptionist that I was there to see the Vice President. Well I had that part right except this company has multiple Vice President, different one for different area. It was ok we found who I was looking for.

The interview seemed to go well and the people I met seemed to be very nice. I didn’t receive a job offer but they said that they were wanting to interview some other candidates which I completely understand. The job would be a bit of a longer drive than I am used to but I don’t think it would be that bad of a drive as long as I am paid enough to cover my increased gas usage. There isn’t really any travel required for the job which is good.

The second interview might have been considered more of a meet and greet. This guy was very nice and I liked what he had to say. We met at a Starbucks and just discussed the different thing s he had worked on and talked about some of my experience. I think this meeting went very well, but I still didn’t get a job offer.

I am very interested in both of these companies, and I can see myself working for either one. If I was to get either job I would be very happy and be able to start saving money again.

Being LAID OFF SUCKS. Well when I hear something or find something to talk or rant about I will post again. Until then stay tuned for more from this unemployed male.