Laid off but things are changing

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Laid off
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Ok if you haven’t been following I got laid off the day after Thanksgiving. Since then I have been sending out resumes and making phone calls, I look for a job for about 2 hours a day it seems that no one is hiring for what I can do. Even with all of this I haven’t had any call backs.

I have seen on the web where some people have been laid off a lot longer than I have been, have sent out more resumes than I have and are still unemployed.

If you watch the news they say the Economy is getting better. Now I would love to see where that is happening because it sure doesn’t seem to be that way in the midwest.

Oh well lets talk about some good stuff.

Today is the start of many new things to come. Today is the first day of school. I decided that since I am laid off I might as well go back to college and try to make myself worth a little more.

Let me fill you in on my past a little bit. I have been working as a Structural Detailer. This is where you take a set of engineering drawings (drawings used to build a building) I would draw all the individual pieces it would take to build that building. I would do this all on computer using various programs, including 3D modeling software. I liked doing this and I did it for almost 13 years. Then the work load just dried up from the lack of people building new buildings.

So even before I got laid off I was going to go back to school and learn a new skill. I am going back for Information Technologies. I love computers, everything from putting them together to making sure they are working properly. I can not say that I am good at it, but I can say that I am willing to be.

Now I am nervous about going back to school, but it will be over soon. I should graduate in a year and half, thanks to already having taken all of my general education classes.

So that is where we are right now. Tomorrow I am going to make some more phone calls in more attempts to find a job. I am not the type that like to sit at home with nothing to do I want a job and I am a good worker.

Until next time stay tuned to hear more from this unemployed male.


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