Laid Off-Days 6-10

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Laid off
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Well I am still laid off, it has now been 2 weeks. There isn’t much to report about it. This past week I sent out some more resumes but have yet to hear anything from it. I am still very possible and I believe that I will have a job by the beginning of the year. I can’t really see getting hired before that but if the job was offered I would take it.

After working for 15 years straight with the only time being off was for vacation or being sick. Now I have been off for going on 14 days straight. I can’t even find stuff to do. If it was warmer outside I could find plenty of stuff to do yet it is cold outside and it appears that we have at least 2 inches of snow.

So today I went and got all of my personal belongings from my old office. Now I have to go through everything and find places to put things. I need to find all of the stuff that I might need for a new job.  Right now I am watching football.

Later I am going to pick up my wife and discuss where we can put things. Tomorrow I have a little to do and I am going to send out some more resumes out I am going to venture out to companies that just do drafting.

Well until the next post stay warm and stay tuned for an unemployed male.


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