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I am still laid off. I HATE IT!!!

Some people live to work and some work to live. I am the type that works to live.  So being laid off is driving me nuts. I used to work at least 40 hours a week.  Then the day after Thanksgiving I got laid off. It is now the end of December and I still am not working. I can’t really afford to go out and buy stuff or go places. So most of the time I sit here in my house and play Video Games, clean or just watch TV.

Don’t get me wrong I am looking for a job, problem is it doesn’t seem that anyone needs my specialties. I am a detailer of structural steel. Which means that I take the design drawings and draw all the pieces it takes to build a building. I have seen listing for jobs in other cities but we can’t afford to move as of right now. We have a house and family here.

I seem to be ranting on in this post but we must continue. I am getting better playing Black Ops. I want to take a vacation. I want to get a job but I can’t afford to take one paying less that I was making. I will continue to look and pray. I send out resumes it seems everyday, I know I will have an interview soon I just have to wait for the call.

For more from this unemployed Man you can read my other post or wait until I post again. Until that time have a Happy New Year and be well.


Charities are low

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I keep hearing on the news that Charities are down. They haven’t been receiving as many donations. I also hear that the unemployment rate keeps going up.

Now it sucks that donations are down, and it sucks that unemployment rates are up. Trust me I am currently unemployed.

Ok the point is with the unemployment being high doesn’t it make sense that donations are down. I love to donate but I haven’t been able to this year because I barely have the money to pay my own bills.

So it is time for an update. I have lost count on how many days it has been.

I am still unemployed and Christmas is 3 days away. By all looks it is not going to be a very good Christmas. We were fortunate enough to have most of the shopping done before I got laid off. So that is a good thing but it is not like most other Christmas’s.

This is supposed to be the happiest time of the year but it is not going to be that way this year.

I am confident that I will have a job in the next 2 months. I am not going to get an interview with in the next 2 weeks because of the holidays, so I have to be patient and I will be.

I have been watching a lot of TV and keeping the house clean. I have also been playing Call Of Duty Black Ops. Good game play the ending is a let down but it was fun and the online play is good. I also caught up on Sons of Anarchy all I can say is you need to watch this show.

Until the next post from this unemployed man I hope you have a merry Christmas.

Well I am still laid off, it has now been 2 weeks. There isn’t much to report about it. This past week I sent out some more resumes but have yet to hear anything from it. I am still very possible and I believe that I will have a job by the beginning of the year. I can’t really see getting hired before that but if the job was offered I would take it.

After working for 15 years straight with the only time being off was for vacation or being sick. Now I have been off for going on 14 days straight. I can’t even find stuff to do. If it was warmer outside I could find plenty of stuff to do yet it is cold outside and it appears that we have at least 2 inches of snow.

So today I went and got all of my personal belongings from my old office. Now I have to go through everything and find places to put things. I need to find all of the stuff that I might need for a new job.  Right now I am watching football.

Later I am going to pick up my wife and discuss where we can put things. Tomorrow I have a little to do and I am going to send out some more resumes out I am going to venture out to companies that just do drafting.

Well until the next post stay warm and stay tuned for an unemployed male.

These last 2 days were pretty much like the first ones. I cleaned the house a little watched some Netflix.

I am still waiting to hear back from the place I sent my resume in to, but I am going to call them Monday. I heard some bad news about my company yesterday. That said that I might not have a job to go back to. That makes it even more fun.

Today we are having a birthday party for my nephew, going to get our pictures taken together, he going to spend the night with us. We are just going to try to spoil him for the night.

I guess I will not be posting again until Monday due to I am not going to count the weekend as days being laid off. I would have been off of work anyways.

So stay tuned for more from an unemployed man.

Laid Off-Day 3

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Day 3 of being laid off.

Today I went by the office to pick up my final paycheck and went to the bank. After that I went by the college and talk to the financial aid office to talk to them about student loans. I filled out all of the paper work so now it is another waiting game. You have to wait for unemployment, have to wait for student loans. It is a joke.

Well when I finished at the college I came home and emailed my resume in to a company hoping to find a job. Now I have to wait to hear back from them or not to hear from them. But I am very positive I expect to hear back from them in a couple of days.

Now I am waiting for the wife to get off work and maybe do a little Christmas shopping. Until then I guess I will try to get a little cleaning done.

So stay tuned for another update from an unemployed male.