Mall Shopping

Posted: November 10, 2010 in rant, Story
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Well the other day, it was actually like a month ago,  I was at the mall with my wife, she is in a store as I sit in one of the comfy chairs in the midway. While sitting here I start to think they should make malls more like amusement parks. I don’t need the rides but we could use some midway games. You know the games like the one where you use the big mallet to hit the thing and ring the bell, the kind of games you see at amusement parks. See this is our mall it already has a ride now add some games make it more enjoyable.

Oh well it won’t happen and that wasn’t even the original reason for this post. I was going to vent about the people who bring their children to the mall. Especially when the child starts to cry and the parent does nothing. They just let them cry as if nothing is going on or ruining your once happy shopping experience.

I was in a store one of those stores that is suited for adults, the ones that sell funny adults toys for bachelorette parties and beer stuff. When this lovely couple with 2 kids come in, first you should have to be 18 to enter but that is my opinion. They come in with their kids that when entering are quite as soon as they cross the threshold these kids start screaming and crying. What do these parents do?

They just continue shopping and ignoring the children. Because we all know if you ignore it, it will go away. Makes me angry.

Better yet this particular mall puts a child play area Right by this adult theme store. What are teaching the children of the future. I understand that it is up to the parents to watch their kids but come on have you seen a lot of the kids today. As you here a lot of people say you need a license to drive, catch a fish, fly a plane, hunt but anyone can have a baby.

This maybe one of those posts that just doesn’t get posted unless I just get angry and hit send.


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