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She’s Gone

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Story
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Today was a sad day. Angela’s aunt and uncle came and took Breezy back home. So tonight is the first night that she will no longer be in our home. They came in got her stuff and took her. They didn’t really give us proper time to say goodbye. Well they probably did but we didn’t want her to go. When they left Angela cried and I wanted too, but I held it together and gave her my shoulder.

It is weird how fast that you can become attached to an animal. It took me a couple hours to get attached. I am sure that it will take a lot longer to get over her.

We will get another puppy someday but it won’t be for awhile. We must first let the pain and mourning reside.

So tonight the frisbee no longer flew, the ball was not returned, and there is no one her to lick my face.


Goodbye to Breezy

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Story
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Tomorrow is going to be a sad day. Angela’s aunt called today and said that they are having problems adjusting to not having Breezy there and would like to have her back. We completely understand but we have already became attached and we love her. We have bought stuff for her, not that we care.

They are supposed to come and pick her up tomorrow at 5:30. It is going to take sometime to get used to her not being here anymore. That means no more walking the dog, throwing the frisbee or ball, no more cleaning up her poop (not that I am going to miss that.) I am going to miss her.

It is true that we have only had her for a little over a week, but we were attached to her within the first 2 hours of having her. I understand that giving her away had to be hard on them. It is like loosing a child, but we are going to be sad when she leaves.

Right now she is laying on the couch next to me while I am typing. She has the look on her face that she loves me. I wonder if she knows what is going to happen tomorrow. Will she be happy going back?

It will be a hard day!!!

So as I was telling you in the last post I turned 31 the other day. I received may presents from my wife. We went to dinner with my dad and step mom, and then some of our really great friends. Dinner was a blast just hanging out and talking.

Angela got me a new messenger bag to carry my stuff in, a new golf bag, golf glove, iTunes gift card and stuff to put in my bag. She loves to call my messenger bag a “purse”. It is not a purse it is a MESSENGER Bag. Indiana Jones carried one it was a satchel.

Ok now let us get back on topic. Dinner was at Red Lobster for the all you can eat shrimp. I got my moneys worth, I ate 5 orders of shrimp scampi, and one order of grilled garlic shrimp. It was good, not as good as fresh shrimp but still good.

Saturday we got up, got showered and dressed, then we headed off for St. Louis to the Fox Theatre to see Shrek the Musical. It was fun, the make-up was amazing and we had good seats. I love the Fox

Theatre with all of the woodwork and statues. It has that classic feel that is amazing. That is the 6th or 7th time we have been there.

When we the Play was over I was in contact with Rickie, my friend who was looking after the animals while we were out, he said that the dog doesn’t like him and was scared and pooped all over the place. So instead of going out to dinner which was our original plan we decided it was best to head home to access the situation.

When we got home we had to do some light house cleaning, wash the couch cushion covers, and give the dog a bath. She was better when we got home she calmed down and laid in her bed. She had a rough day.

Sunday we were supposed to go to a Family Reunion for Angela’s family but we didn’t. Angela didn’t feel well and the house was in some dire need of some TLC. So we spent a couple of hours getting some cleaning done. Then to the grocery (where we spent way to much money).

When we got home Angela made some of her nearly Famous Veggie Soup. It was really, really good. Then we tried to watch “Old Dogs”, it wasn’t good.

As a Birthday Weekend I would have to say it was the BEST one yet. Might not sound all that great to you but I loved every minute of it.


Posted: September 24, 2010 in Story
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Today is my birthday, I turned 31 at 7:40 this morning. I don’t feel any older nor do I feel any smarter. I could have swore that I heard that you get wiser with age. I am not so it sure. We will see still have a lot of life to live “I hope”. IT IS GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY!

So far it has been a great birthday. It sucks that I have to work on my Birthday but it will be over soon. Tonight I am going to dinner with my Wife, dad, stepmom, and a couple friends. Nothing big but should be a good time. It usually is. Tomorrow we are going to St. Louis to see Shrek the play, and Sunday we are going to a family reunion. Busy weekends seem to be the normal for us.

So far my wife has given me a new messenger bag it is really nice. She loves to make me wait to get gifts and it is torture to me.

Well it is a short post today but just wanted to share a little with you.

Breezy (the New PUPPY)

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Story
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It all started on Angela’s birthday, she got a phone call that was a little weird but made sense later. The phone call was from her aunt and she was wanting to know if we would like to take her 4 year old standard poodle. She said that the poodle was not getting along with the other dogs, she also has a yorkie and a miniature Schnauzer. Angela tells her that we will talk about it.

Before I met Angela I had never seen a standard poodle, if you haven’t think of a poodle now make it the size of a retriever. Angela’s other aunt has two and I thought they were amazing animals.

So Angela and I talk about it and decide that we will give her a try, so we can see if she gets along with the cats. So her aunt brings her over on a Friday and the cats are upstairs when she arrives. Instead of letting the cats look at her and decide whether or not to run she just removes the leash. This kind of freaked Angela and I out a little bit but to much surprise Breezy didn’t chase or much seem to care that the cats were even there.

So we get everything setup and take her outside to play with her so she can get used to us with her previous owners still there. She loves to chase Frisbees and balls, she brings them back to you. She is very intelligent and well behaved. That night she slept in her kennel and was fine.

Saturday she got played with a lot since my brother came out with the kids. She also spent a lot of time outside. That night we are getting ready for bed and she goes in her kennel without any problems. Angela and I head for bed about 2 hours later she starts to howl and wakes us up. I am not very happy about this, I walk into the living room where she is I tell her everything is ok and tom lay down. She does.

1 hour later I am up again, and then again in another hour. Finally i get up and go sleep on the couch so she will stop howling. But even with this we have decided to keep her. We have grown attached. The cats are now starting to warm up to her. This morning when we left for work she was in her kennel and ash was laying on top of it watching her.

While in High School I had this great teacher, I believe that a lot of who I am is because of this teacher. Mr. Larry Frazee had such an impact on my life that I feel like I have succeeded. Now I wasn’t the best kid in the class nor did I try to suck up. It took me years after high school to realize the impact he had on me.

One of the times I was not so good was when I was a sophomore and I was taking mechanical drawing. It is one of those class that teaches you the basics of drafting. Like all kids do we would stick notes on each other’s backs and laugh. The notes would say all kinds of things like “kick me” to calling someone a bad name. This went on for a while.

I was in this class with a lot of friends Chad, Eric, Eddie, Gina, Mark and so many more. Some of these friends I still talk today. So class is going on and it is normal we are working and goofing off. I stick a note on someone’s back everyone laughs. Chad walks up to me a dares me to put a note on Mr. Frazee’s back. I was young, I was dumb but I still knew better. The note I was dared to place on the teachers back said, “I am a FAG”

First off I don’t use that word anymore because it is inappropriate, mean, and just not a nice word but that is what the note says.

Chad dared me to do it and this time in my life I won’t back down from a dare. So I take the note I slowly walk up to Mr. Frazee’s desk lean down ask him a question all while putting this note on his back. (I was a stupid teenager). He answers my question and walk back to my desk, looking at Chad the whole way like now what. I sit down.

I am sitting there proud of myself thinking I got away with it, and I AM THE MAN. When I see him get up walk up to Mr. Frazee and pull the not off of his back. He leans down and tells him something. He stands up and walks back to his desk.

Mr. Frazee looks up and says, “Adam can you come here”

First thing that goes through my mind is thanks Mark W. for ratting me out. I stand up from my desk and walk the lonely road of shame up to his desk with my head hung low. When I arrive I say “yes”

“Did you do this?”

“Yes” I answered.

“Go to the office” he replies and hands me a referral.

I walked back to my desk grab my stuff without talking to anyone. I looked up at Chad and Chad just lowered his head. I walked out of the room and to the office. When I arrive I hand the referral to the secretary and she looks at it. Then tells me that I will have to talk to the principal. See usually disciplinary actions we handle by the vice principal. I started to think this is bad.

I walk into the principal’s office he reads the referral and looks at me and says, “I think this is funny but you are going to have to go home for a couple of days. I will call you mom.”

Great now I am in trouble he is going to call my mom. He calls and tells her what is going on and hangs up. He looks back at me and says, “She said to walk home, go get your stuff and come back here.”

So I do what I am told. When I get back he tells me the I am being suspended for 2 days. I walk out of the office and out of the front doors and head for home. While walking home, it was only 5 blocks, I start thinking what kind of punishment am I going to get. I arrive and walk in the door.

Mom ask, “What did you do?”

I explain everything to her. “Why did you do it?”

“Well Chad dared me to. I can back down from a dare”

“If Chad dared you to jump off a bridge would you” (I hate this question)


She then told me that I would have to apologize to Mr. Frazee when I got back to school.

The 2 days went by and I returned to school I walked up to Mr. Frazee and said I was sorry and that was that. I had him for 2 more years of high school and still stay in contact with him and he has never brought it up. I think he understood that I was a dumb kid.

The punishment I received for this was nothing, I didn’t get grounded, spanked or anything, the only punishment was that I had to take responsibility and apologize to a man who is special in my life.

Thank you Mr. Frazee

Today we took my niece and nephew to Holiday World. It was a great day for it, the weather was great and the kids seem to have a blast.

When we got there we headed straight for Splashin Safari for those that don’t know it is Holiday World’s water park and it is great. The water was chilly but the crowds were minimal. We went to the Wildebeest first, it is their new ride this season. It is the world’s longest water coaster. I wasn’t sure the kids would like it or be scared of it because they have never been to an amusement park before.

So we get there and have to wait maybe 3 minutes.We get on it and the conveyor belt takes us to the top. I tell the kids to hold on tight, I would hate for one of them to fall out. The raft crest the hill and the ride attendant says have fun and here we go. The raft is going through the turns and hills and all I can hear is my nephew making these noises. They weren’t scared noises they were happy noises.

When the ride ends he is telling us how great it was and every little detail about it. So we head off and ride all the water slides that Splashin Safari has to offer. My niece had a scared look on her face a couple of times but when I would look at her she would smile.

When we get done in the water park we head out to Holiday World. The first thing my nephew see is the Hallow Swings and he has to ride them. So we do he like them a lot.

Then we are walking around to ride the Turkey-whirl (tilt-a-whirl) when my nephew sees the Voyage and its 154 foot drop. First thing you should know my nephew is 6 years old and barely tall enough to ride half the rides at Holiday World. He sees it and says I WANNA RIDE THAT. So we go up and measure him and he is tall enough.

We walk through the queue line and we get to sit in the 2nd car. Me and Dyllan in the Front, Angela and Autumn in the rear. The train goes up the lift hill and I look over at Dyllan. He has a big smile on his face and it didn’t leave for the length of the ride. Autumn she had the scared look on her face until she noticed I was looking.

The last ride we enjoyed was the Carousel. Dyllan and I were the only ones to ride it. I haven’t rode one of these in probably 20 years, they haven’t changed much but it was fun to ride it with Dyllan to make that memory that will last a lifetime for both of us.

It was a great day, with many, many, many memories created thanks to Holiday World.