Posted: August 23, 2010 in Story
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When I was a senior in High School we would take off from school and go to visit colleges. There was one in particular we would always visit. It was Vincennes University.

We would all meet up and we would drive up there and take the tour, we took that tour 3 times. You were supposed to have a parent call in or send in a note. I forgot one time and ended up in In-school suspension. That is where they stick you in this little room and you can’t see any of your friends or go to you classes or anything. You have to do all your work in that room.

While in In-School if you are good you will get all of your work done during the first period and at my school you had 7 periods not including lunch. I had In-school for 2 days for my supposed skipping and I got all of the work for both days done in the first period. So now I am stuck trying to fill the rest of my time in there looking busy. It is harder trying to look busy than it is just to do the work. If you fell asleep they wake you.

There was this one guy who supervised In-School he was a dick, excuse my language but that is the only word I can use to describe him. I fell asleep and he woke me up. “There will be no sleeping in here. You need to do your work.”

“I have finished my work”

“Well then maybe you should read ahead”


So I would sit there trying to look like I was reading a text-book, because you weren’t allowed to read an enjoyable book. I would doze off. I couldn’t help it.

We would have the same conversation, which would result in me doing the same thing again. The third time I fell asleep he walked back to my desk and pulled my chair out from underneath me. That could have cost him his job, but I never said anything.

After yanking my chair he said, “Now you can spend the rest of the day standing.”

Which I replied, “That is ok, I can sleep like this too.”

He didn’t like this and stomped back up to his desk. Luckily I had a teacher who would send down a note and say that I could only do the work for his class in his class. So I got to leave In-School suspension for the last 3 periods of the day.

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