The Story of the Cats

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Story
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A couple of weeks ago, maybe 6, we got a new kitten his name is Ash. He is a cute grey cat with grey eyes, but he is a bit crazy. He is the third cat in our family and also the smallest.

In our house there is also Stewie who is a awesome orange tabby and Ming a beautiful Siamese. These two have very similar personalities, they are both calm and loving. Sometimes they play rough but it is rare.

Since Ash has joined our family, life around here has gotten a little more hectic. Stewie is 3 times Ash’s size and Ash is 1/2 ming’s size but that doesn’t stop Ash. He will go and jump on Stewie and bite him. He does the same thing to Ming. Ming will move and hiss at him, then she runs off. Then Ash will chase her because he thinks she is playing. Sometimes Ming will start it but most of the time it is Ash.

It is nothing to hear a stampede running through our house. Ash chasing Ming, Ming chasing Ash, Stewie chasing Ming, and so on. It is sometimes funny when you see happening, but it is extremely annoying when they do it at night, when trying to sleep. Now we know Ash is just a kitten and he wants to play. Ming and Stewie just want to play occasionally but most of the time they just want to sleep.

You can tell that they are starting to get along, Ming is now cleaning Ash and Stewie lets him sleep by him. Yet Ash still likes to torment the other two. It will take time for him to calm down and grow out of being a kitten.

I have done some research and believe I have figured out why Ash is so crazy. These pictures explain everything.

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