I can’t fly

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Story
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When I was a small boy of the age of about 4, I had to be taken to the hospital, I hit my head and was bleeding badly. Everyone thinks I hit my head on the bookcase in my sister’s room. This is not true, I remember what happened but yet none of my family wants to believe me. Here is the true events that happened that day.

I was in my sister’s room probably annoying her because that was my job, I am here little brother. I think she was coloring or something. In her room she had a little yellow table, her bed, dresser, book case and the stuff you would typically find in a little girls room. She had made a mobile thing out of a hanger yarn and paper at church and it was hanging from the light fixture on the ceiling.

At this time I must have really loved superman, don’t all little boys. I told my sister that I could fly from her table to the light fixture, grab the windmill, and land on her bed. She was like no you can’t, she should have said you shouldn’t do that. I think she was out to get me at this time in our lives. If she got rid of me she would have had mom all to herself.

So I climb up on the table and look at the windmill. Up, Up, and away I jump and I am now flying on my way to get that paper mobile. One small problem I don’t know how to fly, I am falling.

I miss the paper mobile, probably didn’t even get close to grabbing it, I almost at the bed. I didn’t even get enough distance to land on the bed. I did reach the bed with my head, to bad it wasn’t the mattress, it was the metal bed frame.

I was laying on the floor when mom comes in. Mom grabbed me and I started crying but then I stopped and didn’t make a sound until I got to the hospital and the nurse ask me if I liked puppies.

Talking to mom on the phone about this story, she said the day after all the swelling from my head moved down to my eyes. She says that she started crying and I said what mommy it doesn’t hurt that bad.

  1. Rickie Dupont says:

    I tried that once from a stool! Never even made it in the air before the stool came out from under me! Grrrr!

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