The Stop Sign

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Story
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While in high school we used to have this game we would play where we would drive around and yell at people. We never yelled obscenities or anything like that. One of the most yelled was “I have a white goat”. You might be curious what this meant, well I don’t really know, but we yelled it a lot. When we were doing this we had rules.

  1. No yelling at old people
  2. No yelling at people with children

This one time I was driving my 1988 Hyundai Excel 5 door similar to the one pictured. It was Chad, Chad’s girlfriends and I we were all driving around. We weren’t going anywhere just driving, we did that a lot. So we are driving down Fulton Ave. right by this elementary school, when I accidentally miss a stop sign. We are approaching this guy who looked a little shady but that is not the point. We were being good all night then out of nowhere Chad yells at this guy really loud “I HAVE A WHITE GOAT”

For some reason this really angered this guy. He was so angry he started chasing the car, I don’t speed up or anything I am in a car this guy isn’t going to catch us. I see a stop sign about a block ahead and the law says I must stop. Chad is hollering for me to go, run the stop sign, but I decide it is probably best, and funnier to stop. So I stop.

Chad is freaking out this guy is running as fast as he can. He catches us and has his hand out reaching for the door handle. Chad is breathing all heavy and you can tell he was scared. That is when I push the gas to the floor and we take off. Anyone who has ever ridden in 1988 Hyundai Excel can tell you we did not take off fast. The guy probably kept up for a half a block before the car started to leave him.

“Why did you stop?” Chad asked.

“Well I ran the last stop sign so I had to. I had to stop twice as long to make up for the first one.” I answered.

Chad says, “Well you could have ran that one too!”

By this point Chad’s girlfriend and I are laughing at Chad. It took Chad a little bit of time to catch his breath and calm down. I would do this all again if I could because the look on his face was priceless. If I am correct that was the last time Chad ever hollered at someone out of a car window. It was one of the many times Chad has made me laugh.

  1. Rickie Dupont says:

    I have been trying to figure out what that guy MIGHT have thought he said, and the closest thing I can come up with is “I made your wife choke!” A little far fetched, but that’s the best I got! LOL

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