High School Car Chase

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Story
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I remember this time when I was still in high school and was working at a Pizza restaurant. I was closing one night and my good friend Steve met me at work when I got off of work. We got in my car and we were off. The plan was to drive around and yell at people and maybe cruise the cruise strip.

So we are driving through the parking lot when these 3 cars start following us. I don’t remember all of the models but one of the cars was a bow-legged Ford Escort. This was at the time when it was cool to do this to your car. What you would do is put rear wheel drive wheels on a front wheel drive car, this makes the wheels stick out past the wheel wells. I looks really dumb.

Back to the story, these cars are following us and  I start driving a little faster. They pick up speed and keep up. I decide that I can lose them on the curvy roads so I head for the curves and they keep keeping up. I am getting a little worried at this point. We are trying to figure out where we can go to get these people to leave us alone.

I have a big step dad he is 6 foot 6 and rides a Harley, has a big beard. Just looks like one of those guys you wouldn’t mess with. So we head towards my house and these cars keeps following us. We get on the hi-way and head for home. The hi-way is a 6 lane hi-way 3 lanes on each side. The cars start to box us in driving down the road.  So I now have a car on the driver side, passenger side, and the rear of the car. One of the cars rolls down its window and I see a guy yelling at me.

He says pull over, I keep driving. I don’t know this guy I am not pulling over for him. So we keep going. Finally I am tired of this, I exit the hi-way and stop at a fast food restaurant. They surround my car and my friend is asking me why I pulled over. I say that I am tired of running I want to know what they want.

I rolled down my window and this guy who is probably twice my size looks at me and says “What’s your name?” I answer him and he says “OH”. He looks at my friend and says “What’s your name”

My friends says, “Steve”


“Jones” is his answer in a high pitched tone.

“OH sorry we have the wrong guys”

We ask “Who you looking for?”

“This guy who drives a red car and works on the west side is sleeping with my girl”

“Oh man I hope you find him and I am glad he is not me.”

The 3 cars drive off and we are so relieved, Steve looks at me  and says “Why did you pull over?”

“They weren’t going to leave us alone until we did.”

For years after this and retelling this story Steve would always argue with me saying he didn’t use a high pitch voice when answering but he did. Steve’s real name isn’t Steve Jones I changed it for the story but I know if he reads this he will know exactly who I am talking about.

Hind sight is 20/20 and I really shouldn’t have pulled over, we could have been mugged, shot, killed or anything. But this was back when things seemed a little more simple, when things didn’t go straight to a gun to settle things.


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