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On one of those previously mentioned college visit trips (Click Here) my friend Steve and I drove my mom’s van up there. It was fun I always seemed to have fun with Steve. So we drive up there probably bumping some old school rap. That was the music of choice in High School.

So we get there and we do the lovely tour, this was the third tour for us. There was nothing fun or interesting that happened there. So after we are done there we decide to head to Mt. Carmel which is not to far away from Vincennes if you don’t get lost. We got lost we are driving around and miss are exit. Problem was we never saw are exit. So we kept driving down this highway.

Finally we enter in to this small town, that we are looking for a gas station or anything to get directions when we see a cop. So we drive around the block and pull up next to the cop. I rolled down my window and ask him for directions.

He rolls down his window and yells that I am obstructing his radar. Let it be known that I was the only vehicle on this road. So explain that I am lost and he doesn’t really seem to care, but he gives me directions and we are on our way to Mt. Carmel.

When we arrive in Mt. Carmel we stop by and see my uncle at work, at this time I didn’t know that my aunt and uncle were having problems. We chat with him for a while and find out that my aunt is at home. I decide that we are going to stop by and see her, Steve is ok with it.

So we drive to my aunt’s house, when we arrive Steve and I go up to the door. We knock and no one answers.

We are like ok, so we get back in the van and head to get some lunch. Our original reason for going to Mt. Carmel was that there school had open campus. Open campus is where the students are allowed to leave school property and get lunch elsewhere, whether it be at home or a restaurant.

So we head to a pizza place not only for pizza but high school girls. Problem since we got lost by the time we got to Mt. Carmel lunch was over.

Now you might be thinking what is funny or interesting about this story. Well when I got home my mom is mad, real MAD. I say, “What is wrong, what did I do?”

“Your aunt called, you know what she said”

“No, we went by her house but she wasn’t home”

“Really she says she didn’t answer the door because you 7 guys with you and that you were driving so crazy that the van was on 2 wheels”

I am like, “What? It was me and Steve and no one else.” I have a confused look on my face.

“That is what she said, how can you explain it”

I said, “There is nothing to explain, I didn’t do that.”

“Well this is your aunt ******, she has been known to stretch the truth.”

I say, “Stretch the truth, that is a flat-out lie”

Mom knows when I am lying, I don’t know how or why but I can’t lie to my mom’s face. For some reason I just start laughing. I didn’t do it and didn’t get into any trouble for this. I just think it is funny.

When I was going to college I had a 1991 blue Mazda RX-7, similar to the one on the left. Now I loved this car and if it wouldn’t have broken down I would still be driving it. One day I was driving home from college and was 4 blocks away from home, when I got pulled over by a cop.

He comes up to the car and says, “License and registration.”

I say, “ok” I get it all ready and hand it to him.

He walks back to his car and looks me up. I have nothing on my record and he returns. “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

I reply, “speeding”


“Running that red light”


“Passing that person in the left turn only lane”


“Music was too loud”


“I’m sorry officer but I have no clue why you pulled me over”

He says, “Well I pulled you over because you don’t have any headlights on.”


“Yeah, but since you were so honest with me, I am going to let you go with a verbal warning.”

I said, “Thanks officer” as I reach down and turn on my headlights.

He hands me pack my paperwork and says, “Have a good night.”

“You too”

He walks back to his car and pull away from the curb.

When I was 14 years old my aunt’s ex husband and I would go for rides and he would let me holler at people out of the car. I used to love to holler at kids who were riding bikes, I would yell “Hey kid I am going to steal your bike.” I never had any intentions of doing this I was just a punk kid who hadn’t grew up yet.

This one time we were going down the street and I saw this kid riding his bike. So I screamed, “I am going to steal your bike” but then my uncle at the time went one step to far and started chasing the kid. The kid went through and alley and my uncle followed him. The kid pulled over and my uncle drove past him. We thought it was funny, it wasn’t.

We got back to my house and went in for awhile then my mom asked if we could go to the grocery and grab something. She gave me the money and we went out. We got into the car and this cop stops and let’s us out in front of him. So we pull out and proceed toward the grocery.

Then the lights come on and we get pulled over, it seems the kid wasn’t dumb he got the license plate number and called the cops. The cop comes up to the car and ask for IDs. My uncle gives him his license and I give my high school ID, that is all I had. The cop looks at them and ask if we yelled at some kid.

My uncle says that he doesn’t know what the cop is talking about. The cop looks at me and I fess up I tell him the whole story. The way I was raised is not to lie. The cop tells me that we could get taken downtown for attemped theft and I am scared. I don’t want to go to jail. He let’s us go after talking to my uncle and asking him why he lied.

When we get home my mom is on me, asking what we did and asking if I am ever going to do it again. I never did it again. I am not mad at the kid and never have been, he did the right thing and that is something he should be proud of. I knew what the right thing to do was and I didn’t do it until the cops stop us.

I realize the more I type these stories that I sound like a bad kid, I wasn’t bad I was really dumb. I have learned from all of these stories, I made mistakes I have learned from them. If I could I would apologize to that kid today, if I only knew who he was.

When I was a senior in High School we would take off from school and go to visit colleges. There was one in particular we would always visit. It was Vincennes University.

We would all meet up and we would drive up there and take the tour, we took that tour 3 times. You were supposed to have a parent call in or send in a note. I forgot one time and ended up in In-school suspension. That is where they stick you in this little room and you can’t see any of your friends or go to you classes or anything. You have to do all your work in that room.

While in In-School if you are good you will get all of your work done during the first period and at my school you had 7 periods not including lunch. I had In-school for 2 days for my supposed skipping and I got all of the work for both days done in the first period. So now I am stuck trying to fill the rest of my time in there looking busy. It is harder trying to look busy than it is just to do the work. If you fell asleep they wake you.

There was this one guy who supervised In-School he was a dick, excuse my language but that is the only word I can use to describe him. I fell asleep and he woke me up. “There will be no sleeping in here. You need to do your work.”

“I have finished my work”

“Well then maybe you should read ahead”


So I would sit there trying to look like I was reading a text-book, because you weren’t allowed to read an enjoyable book. I would doze off. I couldn’t help it.

We would have the same conversation, which would result in me doing the same thing again. The third time I fell asleep he walked back to my desk and pulled my chair out from underneath me. That could have cost him his job, but I never said anything.

After yanking my chair he said, “Now you can spend the rest of the day standing.”

Which I replied, “That is ok, I can sleep like this too.”

He didn’t like this and stomped back up to his desk. Luckily I had a teacher who would send down a note and say that I could only do the work for his class in his class. So I got to leave In-School suspension for the last 3 periods of the day.

Looking Good

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I was talking to my mom the other day while typing the “I can’t fly” story and she was bringing up other humorous stories from my past. Some of the stories I had forgotten about some I haven’t gotten around to writing. That brings me to the story for today.

I was raised in a single parent home my mom and dad divorced at very young age. To be completely honest I don’t ever remember them living together. I was probably 12 or 13 years old and was visiting my dad. I went to see him every other weekend and this weekend was going to be a good one. I was at his house and he had just finished fixing my bicycle and Boy was I happy. I was going to spend all waking hours riding around the neighborhood which I had done so many time before.

I get my bike out and ride down the driveway and it is great. So I start down the road everything is going great. It is a beautiful spring day, I am young and when I had my bike I was a free person nothing in the world could stop me.

Down the street there is a man painting his mailbox, he is out enjoying the day also. I am getting closer to him and I have a big smile on my face. All of the sudden the chain falls off of the sprocket, my back tire locks up. I do all that I can not to fall off of the bike. The bike started to lean-to the right and I am going down. This is going to be embarrassing that guy who is painting his mailbox is going to see me. He is going to laugh at me, I know it.

failAs the bike hits the ground I go flying but I never hit the hard concrete. I am surprised it is the first time that I wrecked my bike and it not hurt at least a little. Then I realize why my fall didn’t hurt, I landed on something. What could I have landed on that was soft the only thing around was concrete and the guy paint his mailbox.

It all starts to clear up as someone is helping me up. He is asking me if I am ok. I realize the soft landing I had received was The Man Painting The Mailbox. I ran him over in my attempt not to fall.

I am even more embarrassed now. I took this really nice guy out. He helped me up, and asked, “Are you ok?”

“Yes” I am in shock.

“I will grab your bike for you, are you sure that you are ok?”

“Yeah, I am fine” that was my answer but I was hurting.

He grabbed my bike and handed it back to me, “be careful you could have hurt yourself.”

If he only knew the pain I was in. I said, “I am sorry”

“That is ok”

I grab my bike and push it back to my dad’s house. I learned from that day forward not to let my dad work on my bike. From that day forward every time I passed that man while riding my bike I would wave and he would say, “Looking Good”

A couple of weeks ago, maybe 6, we got a new kitten his name is Ash. He is a cute grey cat with grey eyes, but he is a bit crazy. He is the third cat in our family and also the smallest.

In our house there is also Stewie who is a awesome orange tabby and Ming a beautiful Siamese. These two have very similar personalities, they are both calm and loving. Sometimes they play rough but it is rare.

Since Ash has joined our family, life around here has gotten a little more hectic. Stewie is 3 times Ash’s size and Ash is 1/2 ming’s size but that doesn’t stop Ash. He will go and jump on Stewie and bite him. He does the same thing to Ming. Ming will move and hiss at him, then she runs off. Then Ash will chase her because he thinks she is playing. Sometimes Ming will start it but most of the time it is Ash.

It is nothing to hear a stampede running through our house. Ash chasing Ming, Ming chasing Ash, Stewie chasing Ming, and so on. It is sometimes funny when you see happening, but it is extremely annoying when they do it at night, when trying to sleep. Now we know Ash is just a kitten and he wants to play. Ming and Stewie just want to play occasionally but most of the time they just want to sleep.

You can tell that they are starting to get along, Ming is now cleaning Ash and Stewie lets him sleep by him. Yet Ash still likes to torment the other two. It will take time for him to calm down and grow out of being a kitten.

I have done some research and believe I have figured out why Ash is so crazy. These pictures explain everything.

I can’t fly

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When I was a small boy of the age of about 4, I had to be taken to the hospital, I hit my head and was bleeding badly. Everyone thinks I hit my head on the bookcase in my sister’s room. This is not true, I remember what happened but yet none of my family wants to believe me. Here is the true events that happened that day.

I was in my sister’s room probably annoying her because that was my job, I am here little brother. I think she was coloring or something. In her room she had a little yellow table, her bed, dresser, book case and the stuff you would typically find in a little girls room. She had made a mobile thing out of a hanger yarn and paper at church and it was hanging from the light fixture on the ceiling.

At this time I must have really loved superman, don’t all little boys. I told my sister that I could fly from her table to the light fixture, grab the windmill, and land on her bed. She was like no you can’t, she should have said you shouldn’t do that. I think she was out to get me at this time in our lives. If she got rid of me she would have had mom all to herself.

So I climb up on the table and look at the windmill. Up, Up, and away I jump and I am now flying on my way to get that paper mobile. One small problem I don’t know how to fly, I am falling.

I miss the paper mobile, probably didn’t even get close to grabbing it, I almost at the bed. I didn’t even get enough distance to land on the bed. I did reach the bed with my head, to bad it wasn’t the mattress, it was the metal bed frame.

I was laying on the floor when mom comes in. Mom grabbed me and I started crying but then I stopped and didn’t make a sound until I got to the hospital and the nurse ask me if I liked puppies.

Talking to mom on the phone about this story, she said the day after all the swelling from my head moved down to my eyes. She says that she started crying and I said what mommy it doesn’t hurt that bad.