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About a month ago I turned in my letter of resignation in and it feels as if the days have been dragging on since then. Now I am in the last remaining days of this job before I move on to the next chapter of my career and life. I feel like the Bob Seger song “Turn the Page”. I have be working at this job for 2 years and a month, it has been a good place to work and I am very appreciative of everything that they have did for me. I feel that my time has been worthwhile for them also. Now I am moving on and I am excited about the new company and my future.

While it wasn’t a hard decision to leave this place but I think that I made it a lot harder on myself than it should have been. I did what I think a lot of people do when considering a new job. I ran through all of the Pros and Cons, talked with family and friends and researched the internet. I wanted to make sure that I left on good terms so I gave a months’ notice, looking back on that I now would have only given 2 weeks’ notice. But like they say hindsight is 20/20.

I decided to give such a long notice because I wanted to give them time to find someone that would be able to replace me and train them a little before I left. Now I am down to having 4 days left and they still haven’t interviewed anyone. That kind of makes me upset but if you think about it, they are only hurting themselves. I was willing to train someone but I guess they didn’t want that to happen. Which is ok because it has made my time since giving the notice feel like every other day, I come in, I work, I go home.

I will miss everyone that I currently work with, some more than others but that is normal.

Things that I have learned about switching jobs:

1.       Be honest with yourself
2.       Be discreet when looking. (don’t look for a job on company time)
3.       Don’t inform your boss that you have an offer until you are for sure you are going to take it.)
4.       If your current employer counters you need to look at things carefully. (if they match the other company think about how at the new company that their offer is a starting point, how long did it take you to get that money with the current employer.)
5.       Who has the better perks (what is going to make it easier for you to retire someday)
6.       Working environment (while you may be comfortable where you are, do you think the new place will be the same after time)
7.       Future training available to you (with each company)
8.       Do you like what you are currently doing
9.       Do you feel that you are being challenged or do you want to be challenged
10.   Don’t be afraid to negotiate

I am going to post everyday until I start the new job, then I will try and post while there to but the first little bit could be a little hectic we will see


Romantic Dinner

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 One day I decided I wanted to plan a romantic dinner for my wife and myself. So the first thing I had to do was find a way to get her out of the house. First thing you need to understand is my wife doesn’t drive not that she doesn’t know how. We only have one car since I totaled hers a while ago, but that is a story for another time. The car we have is a 5 speed manual shift and she can drive a stick.

So when I want to do something romantic I have to have someone help me out. We have this friend who is a great friend and always tries to help us out. She is one of those friends everyone should have. So me and this friend we will call Emily (because that is her name) start emailing each other trying to set up the plan. We finally get the details of day and time worked out so she calls Angela and tells her that she wants to pick her up go for a walk with the dog. Angela agrees. Emily is going to pick Angela up around 4:30 on Friday.

On Wednesday Angela and I go to the grocery store and I am buying the ingredients I need. I buy some ground beef, spaghetti noodles, Italian bread, spaghetti sauce and so on. So we take the groceries home and put them away. She has no clue what is planned which is just the way I wanted it, she thought were just going to have spaghetti on night.

Friday comes around and I get home from work and Angela is at home, she doesn’t work on Fridays. She “REMINDS” me Emily is coming over and they are going to go out for a bit. I wine a little bit and ask her what I am supposed to do while she is gone.

Emily arrives. She and Angela leave heading for the park.

It is on now time to cook. I wait a couple of minutes to make sure they didn’t forget anything. Then I start getting everything out. I start cooking, while also preparing the table and all. We got new dishes for a wedding gift, so I get them out and wash them.  I put a table cloth on the Kitchen table get some candles out, and set the table. Let’s just say it look NICE!

I get the salad going cutting up veggies, put them in bowls and place them in the fridge until it is time. I finish the spaghetti. Now all I need is for Angela to be there. So I send Emily a message saying I am ready.

When Angela arrives she walks in and says “You’re not getting lucky.” Then she noticed the dinner I made for her. I walked her to the table and she sat down.

“How did you know when Emily was going to bring me home?” and “How did you know Emily wasn’t going to come in the house with me?”

I told her Emily was in on it, but it took awhile for her to grasp what I was saying. I think I surprised her that much. I then started serving the meal. It tasted really good. We ate and talked and just had a really good time. I love doing little things like this for her. I love attempting to spoil her because she deserves it.

She told me about the funny things Emily was saying while they were out. She said Emily kept saying things like “Are you hungry? I’m not I already ate.” Then she asked if she would like to go to the book store Angela was like yeah so they took the dog home and then Emily was like I am tired I am just going to take you home, because she got my text.

I tried this again a couple of weeks later, with different food. It didn’t turn out as surprising to her. I think she knew the whole time what was going on. Now she is looking for the flaws in the stories. I am going to have to find a new way to surprise her.

Yesterday Holiday World announced the plans for their new ride for 2012. It is going to be a water coaster called the Mammoth. This will be the second water coaster in the park. The first one is the Wildebeest which is an amazing ride but it is less than 2 years old. Here are the stats for each water coaster:

Wildebeest is 1710 ft. long                            Mammoth is 1753 ft. long
Wildebeest is 64 ft. high                                Mammoth is 69 ft. high
Wildebeest drops 38 ft at 45 degrees         Mammoth drops 53 ft. at 45 degrees

While I see the need for another due to the long lines in their water park I feel that it is to soon to build another. While it is my opinon that it was to soon to build another water coaster I have to say I am looking forward to riding it.

I feel the park would have been better off building a steel coaster. I am not saying they need to dump 20 million into a steel coaster but I think Holiday World would be a perfect place for a “Wild Mouse” coaster or something like a “Tony Hawk’s Big Spin”. I would love to see Holiday World get in the coaster race and try and compete with the likes of Cedar Point or Six Flags Magic Mountain but I understand that Holiday World is a family amusement park.

I am not bad mouthing Holiday World (I have been known to do so but I am not in this post). The Wildebeest has been a HUGE success and it appears that what is bringing people into Holiday World is there water park, so I can see the reasoning in building another water attraction. The thing is I feel that they are neglecting their dry park.

I think that next year if the money isn’t right to build a big steel coaster Holiday World should think about a few of my choices for new rides in the list that follows:

  1. Wild Mouse style coaster
  2. Drop Tower
  3. Ferris Wheel
  4. Train that goes around the entire park
  5. Himalaya Ride
  6. Replace the Banshee
  7. S&S swings
  8. Frisbee ride
Now obviously the Koch know how to run an amusement park better than I do, better than a lot of companies that are currently running parks do. I am grateful for everything they do. They bring joy to a lot of people and give use something new to look forward to every year.


Well here is the long awaited Indiana Beach Amusement Park Review.

It took roughly 5 hours to get there and that includes stopping for some food. For the last hour of the drive it felt as if you are driving into “The Children of the Corn” movie. That could be because it was dark and the highway was under construction.
We get to the hotel and they were very polite and hospitable. We get all checked in and head to our room. We open the door it is a bit stuffy inside so we turn on the air. First thing we do is check it out, not a bad room. The first thing my wife said was it reminded her of the room from “Vacancy”.

Now for the park.

So Indiana Beach after reading a lot of mixed reviews on this place I am going to have to side with the bad ones. Where should I begin….

When walking up to the park it looks like a decent LITTLE park. When you get inside you realize this is not true. This place reminded me
more of a carnival where the rides got stuck and they just left it there. All they needed was some clowns walking around.

At least there wasn’t a huge crowd on the day we went. We road all operational rides in 2 hours.

All the rides weren’t even running, let’s see we couldn’t ride the Cornball Express, the log flume or the Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain.  This is at a park that only has 6 coasters, so that is a third of the coasters weren’t working. The first ride was the Tig’rr we walk up and are on this ride with no wait, that is a good thing. We sit down, put our belts on, and are told to keep our hands and feet inside the car at all times. They never checked our seat belts or anything. This seems to be a safety issue here. That is the first issue we ran into. There will be a list following.

Then we rode the Hoosier Hurricane, this is a wooden
coaster. Indiana Beach needs to work on their loading and unloading of
passengers on their rides. It literally took 5 minutes to unload and reload a

Steel Hawg is a steel coaster that has been on the travel channel and is the one of the reasons we went. This ride still didn’t feel safe and was way to short. When I think about it I don’t think any of the rides last longer than 30 seconds.

Galaxy was the first coaster built here and is probably the best coaster still there. It was built in 1971 and was fun. Still not much
safety going on.

We also decided that we would pay $3.50 to walk through the
haunted house called Frankenstein’s Castle. They boast that it was one of
2008’s best walk through attractions. Well there must not be that many walk
through attractions at amusement parks for this to make the list especially the
top of that list. You walk though and there was maybe 4 things there to make
you jump or supposed to make you jump. Why do kids insist on paying for these
attractions just run through them, they don’t even take the time to look at the

They wanted $7.50 for a funnel cake with fruit topping on it, $3.00 for a small ice cream cone, $2.50 for a bottle of coke, $2.00 for a taco. These are extremely high priced for a small park.

Indiana Beach is in the process of putting in a Multi-million dollar expansion. What they should have done is taken that money and put it into cleaning up, repainting, landscaping, and restoring what they already have. All the other parks I have been to do their expansions in the off season, I believe Indiana Beach decided to wait until the park was getting ready to open to even start. You have to walk through construction zones to get into the park and to go from one attraction to the other.

In all the reviews we read before going everyone was talking about how good the Tacos were, so I knew I was going to have at least one Taco. So before we left the park at 1:oopm  (2 hours after they opened) we got us some Tacos. They were pretty good and probably the best part of the park.

The only thing this park has going for it is where it is located. The park is located on a peninsula in the middle of Lake Shafer. It has a big boardwalk feel to the park which is also nice.

  1. All rides not in operation
  2. Lack of safety
  3. This place was dirty and runned down
  4. Food and drinks were overpriced
  5. Employees were far from friendly
  6. Construction zones every where
  7. Lack of restrooms

I would not recommend this park to any of my
friends, I will not go back. Overall this is the worst park I have ever been
to. We should have went to the parks that are closer to our house

Coming soon

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Just to inform everyone there will be to BLOGs coming up that are all about my trips to theme parks. One from Kings Island and the other from Indiana Beach. I will tell how both trips went, the rides we rode, what we did and the fun we had.
I am looking forward to writing these, as do I look forward to visiting Indiana Beach. We already had are visit to Kings island. It was fun that is all I am saying for now.

See everyone soon with pictures of the fun

Alright so this weekend the wife and I are headed to our first theme park of the month and year. We will be going to Kings Island which is in Mason, OH which is near Cincinnati, OH. We have been to this park once before together but a couple of times with others before we met.

I can wait to ride some coaster and feel the wind in my hair, I don’t even mind if it is raining I will still ride the coaster. We are going ride the diamondback and the Firehawk. I am really excited. I am considering doing a live blog on the day we are at the park but figure it would have to be done through twitter. When I get home I will give a full report and review of Kings Island.

Ok so today a friend for her birthday wanted to go to the Big Splash Adventure. Which if you read the title you would know that it is a indoor waterpark. Here is their web page if you are curious http://www.bigsplashadventure.com/ .

So this place is easily a 90 minute drive. So we get up early then we get ready and pack the needed things i.e. towels, dry clothes, etc. So we are now ready to leave we leave our house and drive to her house and pick her up. Then we are off but first we must stop at the bank to pay the car payment. Then we stop at McDonald’s for some breakfast. On a side note they have really good oatmeal. Now back to the story.

Finally we are on the interstate driving toward a city named French Lick, IN. Weird name but nice small town. They have a casino and an indoor waterpark and hmmmm that is about it. So we are driving down the I-64 doing roughly 75 miles per hour. Yeah I was speeding but only 5 over. When you get to the tell city exit you have to drive on this little 2 lane highway the rest of the way.

We are getting close and the friend whose birthday it was called her boyfriend to see where they are. He answered and said that they were at the casino but were heading out to go to the waterpark.

So when we arrive we go in and are trying to figure out first how things work. Finally I see a line that is probably selling tickets. We

get in the line and stand there for at least 20 minutes. By the time we get to the front of the line we figure out we are in the right line it was amazing. We pay for our tickets and walk into the park.

First thing that crosses is my mind wow this is a lot smaller that I thought it would be. This place is probably the size of a football field. They have 4 water slides adult oriented, a lazy river (more on this later), hot tub, kiddie area, and that is it. It cost 19.50 a person to get into and by the time we arrived there was an estimated 1500 people in the place.

We find the lockers to put our stuff in and notice you have to get a wrist band. So we go back to the same line as the ticket line and wait again. Finally get to the front.

Me,” I would like 2 lockers”

“We just sold out”

“ok so what am I to do with my stuff”

“well you can take it in with you or you can take it back out to your car. We are not responsible for any stolen or

lost items”

So we change into swimming clothes and I take the stuff out to the car. It is 39 degrees outside and I am where a T-shirt and swimming trunks. I am freezing. We go in to the park again and finally start to do things.

First stop the Lazy River. We get in, we get our intertubes, and start to float. The water is warm it feels pretty good. The problem is you can not move once you are in the River. It is packed. You try not to touch someone but you can’t help it. This river is made to just lay on a raft and float around. Why do KIDS insist on getting in there and running around it as fast as they can. It is annoying.

Next we do the slides. At least we did 2 of them the lines were horrible. Then of to the Hot tub to be honest this was the only thing that made this place decent, it is sad. So now everyone is hungry and there is only one place to get food in this place and the line is long. It took one of the guys 30 minutes to get a drink. So we are wet and all of our stuff is in the car. Once again let me remind you that it is 39 degrees outside when we left it was snowing.

We left  got something to eat and went back. You could tell though no-one wanted to return but when you pay that much and drive that far what else you going to do.

The wife and I had almost booked a weekend there, good thing we didn’t, and if we had we would be canceling it.

Not the Pros and cons


  1. Hot tub
  2. free towels


  1. Horrible service
  2. To crowded
  3. don’t know when to tell people we are full ( I am sure there is a maximum number allowed)
  4. Parents not watching kids
  5. Lack of options (no store that sells towels or anything)
  6. Half the arcade game don’t work

Maybe I am being a bit harsh, but this is my opinion.